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How to Hang a Lava Lamp

Lava lamps, an iconic image of the 1970s, are made from water, oil and a heat source, usually a low-wattage light bulb. The oil, heavier than the water, sits on the bottom of the lamp. When the light is turned on, it heats up the oil, which separates into globs and rises. Once it reaches the top, it

How to Distress a Wood Table

Distressing a wood table provides the look and patina of a vintage piece without the wait of years and high price tag of an actual antique. Nicks and dings, chipped finishes, and layers of color are what will make people think your table has been handed down for generations. You can add all that cha

Can You Mix Satin & Flat Acrylic Paints?

Mixing satin and flat acrylic paints together can work well or create a patchy looking painted wall. You have several things to consider when you are experimenting with paints. First, don't be afraid of your wall paint. Worst case scenario, you paint over what doesn't work. Second, only experiment w

How to Store Sofas in Storage Places

Sofas are expensive pieces of furniture, and the fabric, foam, wood and metal they're made from can make them prone to mold, warping, cracking and even rust because of fluctuations in temperature and humidity. It's best to store your sofa in a climate-controlled environment, but whether you use a cl

Choosing The Right Futon Accessories

Numerous futon accessories are available on the market. Some accessories ensure more comfort with the futon mattresses. Other accessories are designed to be colorful additions to futon furniture. Most accessories come in various materials to ...

How to Remove Baseboards From Plaster Walls

Removing baseboards is necessary when you install new flooring, wainscoting or simply want an updated look. The process of removing baseboard trim from plaster walls can lead to unnecessary dents, holes or loss of wall plaster if you do not use the right tools and technique. With a slow and gentle a

DIY: Picture Frame Molding

Picture frame molding is a beautiful addition to any wall, and gives a plain room a more expensive look. Hiring a carpenter to install picture frame molding can be costly, but you don't have to be a professional to create professional picture frame installations. With proper planning and the right t

Three common modles of the Kitchens

While there're quite some varied modles of the fitted kitchens to select from, there're a duo that are seeming to be more fashionable of modles.Fashionable fitted kitchens, alongside with conventional and nation kitchens, are top ...

How To Decorate & Organize a Teen's Bedroom

At some point in time, your teen is going to ask for a bedroom makeover. Your teen needs a room to call his own that reflects his personal interests. He will thrive in a room where he is surrounded by all the things that he loves in life. This room should also be designed with your teenager's needs

Find a House Painting Contractor & Get Results

Ever wonder how you can paint your home and in the process do something cool for your community? There are companies out there that look for ways to serve their community while at the same time offering customer service that is competent and informed. Seeking out home improvement jobs can mean so mu

Wood Furniture Plans

Furniture making can be a pleasure with the right set of wood furniture plans. Any amateur as well as professional is perfectly capable of turning out a great piece of furniture wit a detailed and ...

Saving Money On Electricity

Electricity can be expensive. Even allowing one light to shine on for more than a few hours at a time can be costly. That's why cheap electricity is an absolute must for most people. Most ...

The Best Interior Wall Colors for Log Homes

The rustic charm of a log cabin or home adorned with exterior logs suggests serene calm and country-style comfort. Depending on the shade of wood used for the logs, warm or cool interior wall colors will complement the home and express the decorative personality of the inhabitants.

Summer Picnic Decorating Ideas

Transform a basic picnic table with decorative items.picnic table image by Penny Williams from Fotolia.comIf you are hosting an outdoor summer birthday bash or other special event, jazz up a plain picnic table with decorative items. Create a casually elegant style or a relaxed,...