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Golf Swing Tips: How to Improve your Golf Swing

There's a particular statistics about golf that can put you into amazement! Golfers usually learn golf by imitating somebody who's already an established professional. This hinders the development of the participant as a whole and ...

What Type of Golf Lesson Do I Need to Improve My Game?

If you play golf and you are not improving in the way that you would like then maybe it's time for some golf lessons, But what type of golf lesson do you need? There is not always an easy answer, so read on to find out more.

Drills For Soccer - Uncover the Secrets

I don't know a thing about you but I'll bet that you are in the same boat as I when it comes to drills for soccer. As coaches, we often find ourselves in tight spots when it comes to designing and discovering soccer drills.

Sailing Beginner - How to Reef The Jib Sail Using A Furling - Part 4

By now this whole incident was really starting to wear on my nerves, as every time I would come about the jib sail would luff so violently that I thought that it would get ripped into shreds, while simultaneously the boom was violently swinging back and forth until the wind would slam it so hard tha

Chris Arreola

Fight-by-fight career record for Chris Arreola.

History of Paintball Guns

The sport of paintball is a popular and relatively new game where opponents on a team use "markers," or paintball guns, loaded with a type of non-damaging paint to engage in all manner of hunting, war and strategic games. They tag opponents with colored markers by firing specially-made wea

Why Golf Trophies Are So Important to the Game

Golf trophies honor great achievements in a difficult sport. Crystal golf trophies have gained a proud reputation and make a great prize for celebrating golf's many victories. There's more to celebrate than just the overall winner of a golf tourney.

The Art of Pitching a Baseball

What does Mariano Rivera and a Ferrari have in common?Well it is an easy one if you think about it.They both have no problem dialing it up to 95 MPH.

College Football - BCS Explained

Replacing what was known as the Bowl Alliance, the Bowl Championship Series is the most recent effort to crown a National Champion. The Conference commissioners and the Notre Dame AD are the administrators of the BCS. Through a rating system that identifies the teams who are to play each other at th

Equity in Football - The Pros & Cons of the Salary Cap Proposal

The gulf between rich and poor clubs has never been greater. The amount of money circulating in the game has never been greater. However, more sadly, the amount of clubs, especially ones with a lot of prestige and history behind them, going under have never been greater. The question remains, can th

You Can Improve Your Game With A Few Mental Golf Tips

There are many ways to physically prepare yourself for the game of golf. Unfortunately, however, few physical preparations will make up for lack of confidence and mental weakness. Those who consistently perform well on the ...

Different Junior Golf Equipment Pieces Explored

There are many different types of junior golf equipment that can be considered by who are expecting to get on their own or their children into the golf game. Before one can commence to play the game of golf, they need to be ready for what the game of golf will require.

2007 Puyallup Pro Rodeo Results

Get results from the Puyallup Pro Rodeo in Puyallup, Washington. The Puyallup Rodeo is stop number two on the ProRodeo Championship Series.

2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards Banquet Preview

This Friday night is the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards Banquet. The Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas will play host to NASCAR's biggest stars as Tony Stewart will officially collect the 2011 Sprint Cup trophy.

Spurrier Vs. Fulmer (2005 Edition)

This Saturday at Neyland Stadium, there are no Peyton Manning's, or even Danny Wuerffel's behind center for these squads, and the luster seems to just not be there as of yet.But, if you're an avid SEC football junkie, seeing these two coaches opposing each other has to get you at leas

How to Choose a Rappelling Harness

A rappelling harness can literally be your lifeline on a climb. The rope harness attaches you to the climbing rope, and its fit and quality can determine how safely and comfortably you can make your way down a wall. With so much riding on those bits of rope, leather, canvas and metal, it only makes

Q and A with Olympian Jeff Rouse

Swimmer Jeff Rouse, multiple Olympic Gold Medalist and Swimming World Record setter, took some time to answer some questions about swimming - and life - that could help other swimmers.

British Golfers Have Good Chances in This Year's Open Championship

The best players in the golfing world are set to descend upon the Old Course at St Andrews which is playing host to this year's Open Championship which looks set to be as hotly contested as in previous years. Last year's nail biting conclusion saw veteran Tom Watson's brilliant perfor