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Filters for Knowledge and Success

For human beings there are a number of barriers from natural selection and other imposed and self-imposed known as filters for knowledge and success, or technical way are called filters of perception. By nature the ...

Don't Wait For A Breakthrough, Create One

Success doesn't happen in a straight line. Neither does growth, achievement, progress, wealth, happiness, or any other of the things people often work their entire lives for. Instead, these things often come with a series of forward steps along with a number of setbacks, challenges, and derailm

Anger Management: 7 Solutions You Can Apply Today

Everyday irritations can disturb your peace and that could mean everything from road construction to the incessant bark of a dog. These things can elicit negative feelings for you, but you don't wish to live in constant pessimism, right? Have annoyances overwhelmed you and driven you to say and

The New High School

It has been the consensus that a High School Diploma (HS) has no value these days.To those of us who'd complained about the American HS education, let me share a secret with you, the state Education office has heard our complaints, and discontent; and they are making sure our children are getti

Tips for your Buying Car DVD Players

Car DVD Players are appeared in vehicles more often nowadays. To match the need of market, there are a larger number of cheap car DVD players come out on the market.But how to choose a very player for

Is The Rock 'N' Roll Lifestyle Taking Its Toll On You? Part 1

Are you a musician, or working in the music industry in a non-performing role, and having difficulties in keeping fit and healthy or maintaining a good level of energy to enable you to perform?Are the pressures of your work in music making you ill?With the grueling schedules that you have to underta

Happiness - Create it Continually

Happiness for many people seems short-lived and/or elusive. Do humans have a preoccupation with seeking happiness?While this question might seem redundant if one is ambivalent regarding the concept of creating happiness for happiness sake, one is merely spinning one's wheels.

A full understanding of my MaleExtra Review

There are different kinds of male enhancement products available namely as a pill, extenders, supplements and many more. You can call me Alex I made this MaleExtra Reviews to help you choose what would be ...

Conquering you Panic Attack

Panic and Anxiety attacks are a devastating experience for the first-time sufferer and they are on the increase. Unfortunately today's frenetic and pressurised lifestyle can fool our subconsc

Avoid stupidity, if you can

This planet sucks! You solve one problem and you are immediately hit in the face with another. It is indeed rare to meet a person without any problems. In fact if you do, you are ...

Why Are You Here?

Why am I here? Ever ask that question? Here are five reasons for your existence.

Learn While Sleeping - Achieving Success While Sleeping

Have you tried learning something new and it seems that hours of learning it is still not enough. Studying everyday and you feel that there are still much more to learn. Learning a new language, Learn to have a money mindset or even learning new skills in a short period of time and the days are stil

Drug Abuse Over Three Day Weekends And The Holidays

Long weekends and the holidays can be a time where drug use increases for people due to boredom, aloneness, depression or feeling justified to indulge oneself in gatherings. Most people associate three day weekends such as July 4th weekend, Labor Day and Christmas with family, fun and getting togeth

Follow Through Strategies

Follow through stratagies to use whenever you find yourself not doing what you say you want to do.

Anger Management Courses Prevent Lashing Out

It is impossible for someone to never get angry. Things always happen in our lives that make us angry and want to lash out. No one is perfect and it is okay to show emotion and get upset.