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Abstract Photography and Painting

Abstract painting and photography actually lacks the content and corresponds to nothing. The abstract paintings were never meant to imitate the reality; it actually holds a beauty which is quite surprising and expressive. Photography evolves across the desire to be replicated in eyes, to depict or t

How to Fix Old Red Photos

Old photos can be a treasure trove of memories. And whether you're preserving family snapshots or archiving pieces of history, sometimes it is necessary or desirable to restore a photograph to its natural colors. Over time, some photos can develop a warm or reddish tint, but with the right software

How to Become a Corbis Photographer

Corbis has been a leading provider of web based stock photography since its conception in 1989. It offers skilled photographers a broad media outlet in which to present their photography work for the purposes of resale and display. Those interested in seeking employment as a Corbis photographer can

Nikon D7000: The Perfect "Prosumer" Camera

Prosumer is the term coined from the two words, professional and consumer. Unlike a professional, a Prosumer will be looking at high end at cheaper levels, and unlike a consumer, a Prosumer looks for high end products over price. Prosumer was termed especially for people buying Cameras due to the fa

Types of Shot in Photography According to Distance

In order to capture better photos, it is good to learn the types of shot in photography according to distance. Knowing those types of shot will also lead us to kind of distance or angle will we shoot a certain subject in different situations.

Which Digital Video Camera Will Rock My Socks?

When you think about which digital video camera would be the best for you, you might have to do some research to see what people are saying about the specific cameras. Some of the point and shoot cameras do have video recording capabilities. The Canon PowerShot SD850 IS has the ability for video rec

Three Tips to Improve Photography

The sun is a photographer's best tool, and an unmatched source of lighting. The primary ingredient that separates amateurs from professionals is the quality of lighting. While professionals typically provide supplemental lighting or bounce cards (shiny material used to reflect sunlight) to help

Tips to buy Indian Food Images

Tantalising taste, rich aroma and unique varieties have made Indian food popular among global epicureans. More and more people are now showing their interest in cultivating their skills in preparing I

Caring For Cats - Outdoor Houses For Cats

And odd but apparently effective solution is the use of lion or tiger droppings (available from some zoos). Dissolve a lump into a watering can and spray it around the garden. As your cat nears ...

Child Photography - Cool Trick

Just about everyone with children asks the question, "What's the best way to take pictures of my kids?" That question is really code for "What's theeasiestway I can getpredictablegood pictures of my kids?" One of the problems of photographing children particularly very

Beginners Guide to Editing Your Photos

Do you have digital images that just don't look right?  Pictures often get faded, or gain a greenish or bluish hue.  You can fix these imperfections simply using editing software like PaintShop Pro.

How to Make a Video Brighter

If you shoot a video that is too dark, you can enhance its quality and brightness using a video editing program. However, you can only improve its brightness up to a certain point, even if you use the best professional editing program for it. Despite that caveat, you are able to enhance the brightne

How to Get Pictures Published

The advent of the Internet has made getting photos published is easier than it once was, but many photographers still find it challenging. One of the keys to become a published photographer is to get samples of your work into as many hands as possible. Create a business card that includes a photogra

Color Harmony For Photography - Red Creates Powerful Background For Portraits

Red is an excellent background for portraits to add vigor, vitality and strength. It is fairly easy to determine which shade to use for the portrait. If the incorrect shade of red is applied to the background, the red will be too dominate. If the correct shade of red is being used, the person in the

Photo Gifts; The Popularity Amongst Photographers

If you are into photography, or even just a few snap shots here and there, you likely have those cherished photos that you want to share with everyone. With the cost of digital cameras becoming ...