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How to Deal with a Hyper Bulldog

The English Bulldog, commonly known simply as a bulldog, is a small, sturdy breed. These tough little dogs are gentle but stubborn. Bred to fight and bait bulls in arenas, bulldogs are low to the ground and have tough bodies to avoid injury from angry bulls. Bulldogs usually have lazy, docile person

How to Take a Dog's Vital Signs

When your dog is sick, he can't tell you what's wrong or how badly he feels. Pet owners usually notice a change in their dog's behavior, but unless they spot an injury or some outward sign of illness, they don't know if he is sick or not. Knowing what a healthy dog's vital signs are and knowing how

3 Raw Dog Food Recipes for Puppies

This article provides you with 3 easy raw dog food recipes. Raw dog food is healthier than any other dog food and has many advantages. Feeding your dog raw food might be hard at first but if you learn how to do it, your dog will thank you.

The Care and Joy of Owning a Retired Racing Greyhound

Retired Greyhounds are great companion dogs that are intelligent and playful. They require different care than most breeds due to their delicate nature. Greyhounds will brighten up your day no matter how bad it was.

How to Take Care of an English Bulldog

Responsible ownership of an English Bulldog is much like the responsible ownership of any dog breed. What differs is the breed’s unique characteristics and personality, which have an affect on they way English Bulldog owners approach their responsibilities. Use these steps to learn about t

Homemade Peanut Butter Treats for Dogs

Peanut butter is generally one of a dog's favorite foods and is often one of the main ingredients in commercial dog treats. Homemade peanut butter treats for dogs are easy to make and often healthier than store-bought dog treats because they do not contain any added fillers or chemicals. You can mak

Consider Pet Toys And Nutrition!

Dogs and other pets need something to occupy moments in their day just as we do. Some pets are avid television watchers, but many have no interest in it. There is one thing that interests both people and pets: It is the soothing sounds of soft music. Having music playing while you are gone holds a p

What To Observe When Taking Your Dog To Public Places

With more pet owners taking their pet dogs to public places, a safe and healthy interaction among humans and animals should always be observed. It is aimed at teaching pet owners to become more responsible and responsive especially to non animal lovers in public places. If pets are allowed in some a

The "Joint" Benefits of Using Bedside Dog Steps

Have you ever jolted out of sleep--and likely one of the best dreams EVER--only to realize that the reason you awakened in the first place was because your dog had pounced on the bed? Many of us dog owners are familiar with this scenario, and frankly, it can be a little difficult--especially in a fe

Information on an Early Spay in Dogs

Spaying is a common surgical procedure that takes place under general anesthesia. In a spay, the uterus and both ovaries are removed. This procedure is technically known as an ovariohysterectomy.

Bringing a New Puppy Home - 5 Tips

A dog's personality is largely shaped by its early experiences and with proper care and planning, both dog and owner can thrive. Following are 5 steps to help ensure a lifetime of happiness for both your and your puppy.

Dog Owner's Guide To Shih Tzu Training

Useful information for easy and successful Shih Tzu training... Shih Tzu training is as important and as possible as training other breed of dogs. Shih Tzus, also known as Lion dogs are considered as one of the oldest breeds of dog. They are not just friendly, energetic dogs with long, flowing doubl

Shih-tzu Characteristics

Shih tzu at playshih tzu dans la neige image by Jeff LEONARD from Fotolia.comThe shih tzu, which is also rendered as shihtzu, is a small dog breed that was developed exclusively as a companion animal. It is a highly personable dog that can bond very closely with its human owner. Despite...

Dogs & Glucosamine Sulfate

Most dogs, just like most humans, start slowing down and feeling all the aches and pains associated with age. Your dog, however, cannot express his discomfort, and dogs have a much higher pain threshold than humans. In watching your dog's every move, you can recognize unusual behaviors that are sign

Warning: The Dog Food You Are Buying Can Be Killing Your Dog!

In this article I will be exploring the world of commercial dog foods and explaining just how dangerous they can be. Feeding your dog commercial dog food can be just about the same as feeding your dog poison. You could be feeding your dog toxic dog food and killing your dog at the same time without

Pet Friendly Restaurants in Long Island, New York

Fido usually can't come in but he's welcome on the back deck.dog in front of the doors image by Zvezdana Perlic from Fotolia.comLong Island, located directly to the east of Queens in New York, is generally considered in local parlance to be Suffolk and Nassau counties, although...

How to Make a Jeweled Dog Collar

Just like you, your dog deserves a little bling in his life. Custom-made collars keep your pup looking dazzling but can also be a costly decorative accessory. Production companies use different types of collar material and faux jewel embellishments, which puts a store-bought jeweled collar anywhere