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What Is My Credit Score Number?

Lenders, landlords and other prospective creditors can reference your credit score to help determine if you're a credit risk. Fair, Isaac and Company --- now called FICO --- invented the credit scoring system that has become the industry standard. Five categories of information are combined and calc

Can I Write a Letter for Guardianship Over My Child's Estate?

Whether a parent or a guardian, children need an adult to make some important decisions for them. It is certainly possible for you to write a letter proclaiming your wishes in the event you can't properly oversee your child's estate. Whether you're doing it as a precaution or a necessity, a letter c

What If a Bank Can't Find a Lien on Car?

You may think you've hit pay dirt if your bank can't find your car lien, but don't celebrate your "free" car just yet. Even if the bank can't find your lien, you are still on the hook for paying for the car. In fact, if you're filing for bankruptcy, the lack of a lien can actually work against you.

How to Get to Ogres in "Yanille"

Level 53 Ogres near the "RuneScape" city of Yanille do not retreat, but they are not aggressive, so they are good Combat experience points (xp) for mid-level training. The loot that Ogres drop consists mainly of seeds, many of which are extremely valuable. The Ogres are concentrated in the Feldip Hi

Nondeductible IRA Contribution Rules

tax forms image by Chad McDermott from Fotolia.comIndividual retirement accounts are great investment tools. The limit for deductible contributions dictates the annual IRA contributions for many people. However, you can make non-deductible contributions to a traditional IRA. Though you...

What Is the Average Retirement Age in America?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average retirement age in America is 62, and the average length of retirement is 18 years. The first number has continued to decrease for nearly 100 years, while the second number has gradually increased. Retirement as we understand it today is a creation of

Compound Interest Formula Continuously: Exponents

The compound interest formula continuously uses a form of exponent in its formula. Although, it originated from the compound interest formula that we all know, it is slightly different in terms of the time that ...

Help Paying the Electric Bill

Individuals and families struggling to pay electricity bills may qualify for assistance programs offered by utility companies, nonprofit organizations and federal and state governments. Energy assistance programs typically require applicants to meet income guidelines and often only offer short-term

How to apply for Florida Food Stamps

Times are hard, and almost everyone is struggling. There is help available if you live in the Sunshine State, and you cannot afford to feed your family. Fortunately, you can apply for Florida food stamps stamps entirely online. Follow these simple steps to apply for Florida food stamps.

Can You Still Keep Your Home If You File for Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a federal debt-relief process. The bankruptcy rules are not meant to punish the debtor, but the debt relief does come at a price. After filing bankruptcy, the debtor's credit rating will suffer. More importantly, however, is that the debtor may lose some of his possessions, including h

Payday Installment Loans - How To Get A Cash Loan Easily

People who are in urgent need of money (and there are plenty of such people these days) are increasingly relying on payday installment loans to get the cash they need. These loans are generally quite ...

Indiana Food Stamp Programs

The Indiana Food Stamps Program is now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Through this program, qualified low-income families can receive assistance purchasing healthy food for their families. The program is implemented through the state's Family & Social Services Administr

Laws & Penalties for Early Withdrawal of a 401K Account

If you make an early withdrawal from your 401K, you will face penalties and taxes from the IRS. There are many things to consider before withdrawing money from your 401K. After all, this money is set aside for your retirement and isn't supposed to be used for anything else.

How to Authenticate Gucci Products

Gucci is a high-end fashion brand notable for its classic and luxurious designs which come with a high price tag to match. When you purchase a Gucci product you want to ensure that you are spending your money on the genuine article. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to do because there are many c

How Can You Lose Your Social Security Benefits?

If you pay Social Security taxes, you are eligible to receive most Social Security benefits that the federal government provides. Upon retirement age, you are eligible to receive retirement benefits, and if you become disabled, you are also eligible to receive disability benefits. However, each Soci

How to Negotiate With Used Car Salesmen

Used car salesmen have a reputation for being the slickest negotiators. You should always be prepared when you walk onto any sales lot. Knowing how to negotiate will help you get a good final price and also avoid problematic vehicles. Use thorough research, intelligent strategies and knowledge of th

Unemployment Procedures

Each state administers its own unemployment insurance program under the auspices of the Federal-State Unemployment Insurance Program (UI). Unemployment benefits are intended to provide temporary assistance to workers who are out of work through no fault of their own. Each state establishes its own e

What Are the Penalties for Cashing Out a Conduit IRA Early?

Rollover IRAs are sometimes referred to as "conduit IRAs." These IRAs are meant to serve as temporary IRAs that will be rolled over into a permanent IRA plan. These IRAs are subject to all of the same rules and regulations that ordinary IRAs are subject to. If you plan on cashing out your conduit IR

How to Land Dominos Pizza Coupons Online

In 2010, shoppers saved $3.7 billion just by redeeming coupons, according to the CPG Coupon Facts Report produced by NCH Marketing Services Inc. Restaurants release coupons to encourage people to try new items or spend more money. Using Domino's Pizza coupons gives you the opportunity to enjoy a nig