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Leann Hunley (Anna DiMera)

Daytime Emmy Award-winning actress Leann Hunley portrays Anna DiMera on NBC's 'Days of Our Lives.'

Steve and Audrey

A profile of Steve and Audrey Hardy, a super couple from the soap opera General Hospital

Bernie Mac Rumors - Is Bernie Mac Really Dead?

Is Bernie Mac Dead Rumors - Is Bernie Mac really dead or are these just rumors? Bernie Mac has been sick since 2005 and now the rumor is that he's dead. Could it be true?

"Born to Run" Guide

An in-depth look at Lost's Born to Run, including Born to Run recaps and summary, character introductions, term introductions, interconnections, quotes and more. 1x22

Contemporary Art for Christmas Gifts

Think about giving contemporary art this Christmas – a really unique and heartfelt gift. Online arts dealer Art2Arts has an extensive range of contemporary art which makes for the perfect gift this fe

Is Parental Incarceration Linked to Foster Care?

It is a common conclusion that children that come from a home where their parent has been sent to prison or jail are at greater risk for ending up in foster care, but is this assumption correct? The following article takes a look at research being done that helps to answer that question.

Bai Ling

A gallery of celebrity mug shots from an extensive collection of mug shots of the rich and famous.