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Meditation Training

There are several yoga centers today that offer meditation training in the curriculum of their yoga teacher's training courses. Several Buddhist centers also offer courses, both short and long, in the

How To Cure Social Anxiety

How to cure Social Anxiety is the six million dollar question all sufferers of Social Anxiety ask. Sufferers have many questions. Here we examine three of the most obvious ones. Is there a cure for So

Mental Health News

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Give Your Panic Attacks a Break Using Safer Methods

Be the best person to the ones who love you. You, of course, do not want throw your weight around the people who love you. You want them to love you for who you are even though you know that whatever you do, they will still have that compassion especially when you're struggling with panic attac

Herbal LDL Reduction

Low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, is a type of cholesterol that can lead to a build up of plaque in the arteries, a condition called atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis can, in turn, adversely affect cardiac functioning and lead to heart attacks or stroke, according to the American Heart Association. Se

Compulsive Disorder - Is OCD Curable?

Is obsessive compulsive disorder curable? In a word, yes. Despite what you may have heard from wherever you heard it, you can cure obsessive compulsive disorder. The reason that I know this is because I have cured it in myself and in my clients. I've seen the proof first hand. One of the major

Education & Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Perpetual anxiety and anxiety that is disproportionate to a given situation may indicate the presence of generalized anxiety disorder. Different socioeconomic factors, such as a person's level of education, may contribute to generalized anxiety disorder. Those with low levels of education may be mor

Dog Phobia Treatment

The saying that their bark is worse than their bite can often apply to dogs - especially the ones that are only "brave" when they're standing at the top of the stairs, barking for all ...

EFT Tapping - The Answer To Natural Relief From Pain and Emotional Trauma

EFT tapping is an innovative, documented, and natural self-healing method that "taps" into the same energy or pressure points that acupuncture does, but without penetrating the skin. By tapping on these energy spots while saying positive affirmations freedom and relief from disease, discom

Panic Attack Acute Care - Gentle Expressions of Hope

When a panic sufferer is acutely distressed, so often offered is chatter, theory, tomorrows, and reason. I have something much better in mind. Something that lays the foundation for emotional recovery and prosperity.

Your Guide to What Causes ADHD in Children

If you are wondering what causes ADHD in children, you are not alone. The exact cause of ADHD has not been determined, although it is generally accepted that genetics is the most likely culprit. Despite ...

Excessive browsing affects mental health

Excessive Internet browsing can lead to social isolation insomnia, anxiety depression, and obesity, which affects the mental health of individuals, according to the report. A study by the Association

Natural Treatments of ADHD - Drug Free Treatments for Concerned Parents

Are you scared to put your child on ADHD medication? Doctors may not talk about this a lot, but there are several all natural treatments for ADHD that are even more effective that pills because they attack the problem at its source. Read this article to learn about the most effective drug free treat

Introduciton Musical Therapy to Treat Autism

Musical therapy is a relatively new treatment method for autism patients, but one that should not be overlooking when discussing options. Patients who receive musical therapy often should great improv