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Iris Flower Varieties

Iris in garden settingiris image by ynartseo from Fotolia.comWith 200 species in the Iris genus to choose from, there are no shortages of varieties to meet your gardening needs. In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, leaving a trail of rainbow-colored irises everywhere...

How to Identify Cherry Tree Seedlings

Identifying a mystery seedling can be a fun but challenging task. Cherry tree seedlings can be difficult to identify since they can grow in virtually any region, though they produce the best fruit crops in regions that have a cold winter. Cherry trees can be appealing to the eye, with their springti

How to Hybridize Day Lilies

Day lilies are tall green plants with beautiful large blooms. These blooms are what make day lilies special because of their wide variety of colors and patterns. They are easily crossbred, or hybridized, to create an infinite number of additional versions to enjoy. If you are gardener who has always

Gunnera Chilensis Seed Propagation

Chilean rhubarb, also known as Gunnera chilensis or Gunnera tinctoria, is a large, clumping plant that while native to South America has invaded many parts of the world. It is found growing in moist environments, including meadows, bogs, woodlands, wetlands and coastal cliffs. Propagating the seeds

The Growth of Pumpkins

It's not autumn without turning leaves, a nip in the morning air and a bright orange pumpkin in the garden. Growing pumpkins isn't difficult once you know what conditions a pumpkin prefers and provide for its growth habits. The savvy gardener plans for the few quirks of pumpkin growth, especially fo

Removing Gophers

Removing gophers can seem like an ongoing battle. Gophers make tunnels, and in these tunnels they make burrows underground. The tunnels have several entry and exit holes. The gophers store their food and keep their young in the burrows. Putting up fences does not deter them in the least---they just

Easy to Grow Florida Plants

Florida is home to a plethora of plant life.plants image by Dave from Fotolia.comDue to its temperate climate, Florida is a home gardener's dream. And, since it is home to many types of environments from the beach to the Everglades, hardy native plants resilient to Florida's many diverse...

How to Plant Cascade Blackberries

Cascade blackberries grow well in USDA plant hardiness zones 7 to 9. The medium-size plant has dark-red, tasty fruit. It grows vigorously, producing long, stout canes. Blackberries may be damaged by cold weather, but they can deal with various soil conditions as long as the soil isn't waterlogged. P

Plants to Grow in Summer

Tomatoes are popular for summer growing.tomato #2 image by Adam Borkowski from Fotolia.comFor many garden enthusiasts, summer time is the best time of year. Plants that can be grown in the summer vary widely, from vegetables to herbs to flowers. Decide which plants will work best in your...

How to Propagate a Paniculata Hydrangea

The Paniculata Hydrangea is a beautiful, flowering tree that grows throughout most of the United States. It blooms in the summer with lovely six- to eight-inch-long flowers, called panicles, which start off cream-colored and then fade to a purplish-pink. Paniculata Hydrangea is a favorite among gard

How to Plant Black Pearl Peppers

Black Pearl is a highly ornamental pepper used for aesthetic value in the landscape. Fruits produced by the Black Pearl pepper start as black, pearl-shaped berries. These emerge from the greenish foliage that turns to a striking, glossy, purplish-black color as the specimen matures. The black, pearl

How to Plant a Twig

A twig is a piece of branch or shoot from a woody plant. Twigs can fall from trees naturally, or get blown down during high winds. If the twig is viable, healthy, and has leaf buds, you can plant it in a sterile rooting mixture. The twig will produce roots and will eventually leaf, at which point yo

Black Knot-Resistant Plum Varieties

Black knot fungus -- Apiosporina morbosa -- occurs on plum trees across the United States in both home and commercial orchards. It afflicts both ornamental and wild plum tree varieties. Susceptible and moderately susceptible plum tree varieties will display prominent black growths along the stems. T

Plant Light Requirements

Cool-season plants, like lettuce, usually require less light than warm-season plants.lettuce image by Azazirov from Fotolia.comPlants require light to grow, whether it's from the sun or from artificial light fixtures. The amount of light required depends on the type of plant. Most...

Can You Plant Hosta at the End of Summer?

Hostas are plants that are planted late in the season. August is considered to be the best month, but the general rule of thumb is to get them in the ground four to six weeks before the first frost. In areas where the frost comes late, it is perfectly acceptable to plant hostas in the early fall.

What Is the Meaning of a Lily Flower?

Lilies can be found all over the world and come in different sizes and colors, including orange, yellow and white. According to the Flower Expert, lilies rank fourth among the flowers in popularity. Lilies are used in arrangements as gifts or to celebrate and honor different occasions. Their meaning

Orchid Bloom Care

Orchids once shared the earth with dinosaurs and are now grown on every continent except for Antartica, according to Beautiful Orchids.com. The length, frequency and duration of blooms depends on the type of orchid. For example, Phalaenopsis, a popular orchid chosen because it's relatively easy to

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in the Kitchen and Dining Room

Drosophila melanogaster is a species of fruit fly that many deem as pests. They multiply extremely quickly, laying about 500 eggs and completing the lifecycle from egg to adult in as little as a week. Fruit flies are often found near food or damp materials. Kitchens and dining rooms may become infec

How to Start a Willow Tree

The weeping willow is one of the most recognizable trees on any landscape, growing to a height of up to 40 feet tall with a branch spread of 35 feet. Water lovers, weeping willows do well in moist soil and can often be found near ponds and rivers, offering shade to animals or humans that make their

How to Keep a Palm Fresh

Green palm fronds placed in a crystal flower vase liven a room. Palm leaves can stand alone or in an arrangement with flowers and other greenery. After you have cut your palm fronds from the plant, keep them alive by providing the proper care to your leaves. Keep palm leaves greener for longer with