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Pool & Landscape Ideas for the Desert

Date palm is one good choice for a pool area.Date-palm image by Kristina Ubaviciute from Fotolia.comThe easiest, most successful way to landscape a harsh, dry area is to work with the conditions you find there. Instead of trying to force plants to fit your location, first consider native...

How to Make a 4-Inch Pipe Gate

Pipe gates are used on farms and ranches and at businesses, industrial sites, schools and other locations where access must be limited at times. Building a 4-inch pipe gate will require welding equipment and expertise. It also will require sturdy gate posts, also made from 4-inch pipe or equally str

Why Stucco Can Be a Damage Nightmare

I have worked with many products over the years and each has their pro and con but I have never seen the kind of nightmarish damage that unproperly applied Stucco can do. Take one project for example, there was a home owner who had a home with exterior stucco that didn't have proper channels in

Lawn Care and Fertilizer Application

The health of your lawn is a reflection of your capability as a responsible homeowner. Ideally, lawns should be lush, green, and weed-free; however, we all know that it takes more than your sprinklers to maintain a your yards green carpet.

DIY Shelf Bench

A convenient spot to take a rest as you remove your coat and shoes or a place to sit under a window while reading a book, a shelf bench is a two-solutions-in-one piece of furniture. Shelf benches are welcome additions to almost any entryway, mudroom or kitchen, and they have a practical function at

How to Install a Stucco Cinder Block Wall

In landscaping as well as home design, walls are an attractive way to define spaces, retain terraced areas or add visual interest. Many different methods and materials can be used to build walls.Cinder block walls are ideal for many applications because they're durable, inexpensive and e

How to Build an 8-Foot Tall, Wood Private Fence

If you want privacy from a wooden fence, it is a good idea to to overlap the fencing boards to compensate for the natural contraction of the wood. A fence with boards placed closely together might look solid when it is new, but as the wood ages, the gaps open and become easy to see through. You can

How to Look Up Craftsman Mower Parts

Craftsman lawn mowers are a brand built exclusively for Sears. They come in two varieties: push and riding. Both types of mower can be repaired at home with parts obtained from Craftsman. To order these parts, you need to determine the model number of your mower, because different Craftsman lawn mow

How to Plant Flowers in a Wooded Area

Woodland gardens stretch beneath trees, dotting the landscape with delicate flowers and ferns interspersed with flowing rivers of moss and stone. These gardens perform best when planted with native species found in the forest or shaded glens. Once established, gardens in wooded areas repeat their d

Best Carpet Cleaning Service - 5 Tips

Want to refresh your carpets and get it feeling soft again? Below are 5 simple tips in finding the best carpet cleaner in your area - 1. Ask around for references. The best place to ...

Differences Between Patio Covers Vinyl Vs. Aluminum

Choosing between aluminum and vinyl patio covers is based on a number of factors.patio image by fotogis?¡§le from Fotolia.comThere are many different covers buy to cover your patio, made out of different materials that vary in sturdiness and price. Vinyl and aluminum are some of the most...

Does Wheat Straw Make Good Mulch?

There are many types of mulch that serve different purposes, some of which work better with some plants than others. Wheat straw mulch is an excellent mulch for vegetable crops, though any straw mulch will also work.

How to Get Bermuda Grass Green in Georgia

Gardeners enjoy planting this warm season grass in their lawn for its ability to grow vigorously and spread quickly, withstand foot traffic and survive droughts. To achieve green turf during Bermuda grass' growing season, it is important to provide the right amount of nitrogen to the soil. Nitrogen

How to Remove Batteries Before RV Winter Storage

Unless you plan to use your RV during the winter months, you should make plans to winterize it. While cleaning your recreational vehicle and removing water from all the pipes are logical steps to protecting an RV from the effects of cold weather, taking care of the RV's batteries should be a routine

How to Make Your Own Fire Pit in Idaho

Few things better than wrapping up a day gazing into the dancing lights of a blazing campfire. However, your hectic schedule does not allow you to pick up and go camping each time you feel the need for flames. With brisk Idaho nights, cool autumn temperatures and in some places, mild winters, this &

The Best Time to Plant Hot Peppers in South Michigan

Growing hot peppers in south Michigan can be difficult if they're not planted at the proper time. Planting early in the season allows the plant to take advantage of the summer months and produce an abundant crop of hot peppers.

How to Save Winter Kill Grass

A beautiful green, year-round lawn is probably the desire of every homeowner. Unfortunately, the winter can be very unforgiving to lawns. When harsh winter winds, ice, and snow attack, it can do significant damage to our grass. As a result, grass can be damaged almost beyond repair. However, you ca

Learning Home Landscape Design

Landscaping is a very rewarding job that is often overlooked by people. In spite of this, many other individuals want to learn home landscape design in order to fulfill their wish to be able to ...