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How to Clean a Hardwood Floor Without Having Streaks

Hardwood floors add elegance and beauty to any room of the home. Just like any other type of flooring, dirt and grime accumulate on the floor. Keeping hardwood floors clean is important in preserving their natural beauty. To avoid leaving streaks, you must clean your hardwood floors with the approp

How to Sanitize Black Mold From Pillows

If your pillows have black mold on them, you will need to clean and fully sanitize them before they are safe to use again. Mold is a harmful substance that can make you sick if you inhale or touch it. You can also easily spread it around by moving the pillow from one place to another. As the mold sp

Iron Railing Repair

Iron fencing and railings are often used in historic areas for the metal's simple beauty and high quality. Iron railing is often made of an iron alloy that is durable and easy to weld. Wrought iron is so tough that it can take multiple repairs without weakening, making it ideal for high traffic area

How to Remove Sticky Glue From Fabric

Sticky glue is used in many situations including glue guns for crafting, repairing broken items or children gluing with paper cut outs. Glue can also drip easily onto surfaces such as the fabric of clothes. Removing glue from fabric can be done, but certain procedures should be performed to ensure t

How to Remove a Sweaty Odor From Cloth

Though bathing may take the unpleasant sweat odor off of you, it won't do anything for the lingering odor in your clothing. Perspiration leaves behind embarrassing stains and odors that won't always simply wash out with a trip through the washing machine. If this cloth is one that you plan on using

How to Remove Stains From Clothing Using Only Lemon Juice or Vinegar

Stubborn stains are more than an overused phrase. They are an inevitable reality in our laundry life. Unfortunately, harsh stain removal chemicals can also ruin delicate fabrics. Lemon juice and vinegar act as gentle bleaches, removing stains from fragile items.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of a French Hand Woven Aubusson Rug

Aubusson rugs were traditionally used as floor carpeting among the wealthy in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries. Created by artists, the rugs usually contain designs of flowers, architectural motifs and military references and are made of linen and wool woven together in the form of symmetr

What Kind of Paint Do I Use to Paint Galvanized Metal?

Galvanization involves coating metal, usually steel or iron, with a thin layer of zinc to protect it from premature corrosion or weathering. The process is usually performed on metal fixtures built exclusively for the outdoors such as drainage gutters, downspouts or chain-link-fence support posts. A

How to Power Wash a House With the Right PSI

The main thing to consider when using a power washer to clean the exterior of your house is the pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI). The higher the PSI, the more powerful the power washer. A PSI that is too high will cause damage, while one that is too low will not clean the surface of a house.

How to Get Rust Off Off Guitars

If you find your old guitar buried behind some junk while cleaning out the basement or garage, and discover your trusty old six-string is now a rust bucket, don’t fret; the rust can be removed. Rust forms when metal oxidizes or stays in contact with air for an extended period of time. Routinel

Lysol for Mildew on Roses

Roses are often assaulted by mildew, also known as powdery mildew. There are specialized sprays and treatments designed specifically to target the disease, although these do not include spraying Lysol brand cleaner directly on the rosebush. Lysol does, however, have its place in the rose gardener's

How to Clean Kitchen Tiles & Reseal Them

Most kitchens are high-traffic areas in a home, and as such attract a large amount of dirt, grime and spills which require cleaning on a regular basis. A tiled surface in the kitchen aids in cleaning, but only so long as the surface remains properly sealed against normal wear and tear. As the seal b

How to Attach Roll Roofing

Roll roofing material can cover a roof with a low pitch. Attaching the roll roofing layers properly prevents water leakage. Roll roofing's life expectancy ranges between six and 12 years, about the same as standard roofing shingles, depending on the application and environmental conditions. Critical

How to Remove Mylar Film

Mylar is a thin polyester film used in a variety of products. It is commonly found on car and home windows as the tinting agent. Mylar is easily broken up by ammonia, which is why you wouldn't want to use ammonia to clean tinted windows. However, you can use a mild ammonia solution to clean a Mylar

How to Remove Sharpie Pen Marks

Sharpie permanent markers were first introduced in 1964 by the Sanford Manufacturing Company in Massachusetts. Sharpie was the first permanent marker that more closely resembled an ink pen than other bulky markers at that time. The uses for Sharpie markers are endless, and no matter how careful you

What to Do for a Steam Iron That Does Not Steam Anymore

A new steam iron may cost you anywhere from $17 to $40, but do you really need one? If your iron has stopped steaming or occasionally leaves a dark mark on a white shirt, you may just need to clean it. Spray starch, fabric softener and detergent build up on the soleplate, and minerals from tap wate

The Best Way to Remove Residue Left by Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tape serves a number of useful purposes, but when it no longer is needed, the residual adhesive tends to linger as a reminder. The surface containing the leftover adhesive will determine the amount of time required to remove it. While sticky residue can be an irritant and an eyesore, it's e

Identifying Glass Dinnerware

Glass dinnerware is both practical and collectible. Various glassmakers have created dinnerware items for hundreds of years. Some pieces are significantly more valuable than others due to age, style, or manufacturer. If you are uncertain about the history of a piece of glass dinnerware that you own,

How to Remove Ink From Vinyl Seats

Vinyl is frequently used as a seat upholstery due to its durability and low maintenance. Vinyl does not tear easily, doesn't wrinkle like cloth does and it also simple to clean. However, just because vinyl can be stain resistant does not mean it is stain immune. Materials like ink can still be a cha