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How to Trim Tile on Uneven Walls

Laying floor tiles up against a wall is not always simple. In some cases you have obstacles or uneven walls to which you need to lay the tiles. To fit the tiles next to door frames and other obstacles, you need to measure the space and objects to get the dimensions. However with an uneven wall a sim

How to Refinish Your Hardwood Trim on Your Windows

The hardwood trim around your windows is very durable. Several seasons will pass before you begin to see the signs of old age. Harsh conditions such as cold and rain, or even intense sunlight, can cause the finish on your hardwood trim to look weathered and dull. Refinishing your windows needs a pre

How to Install Ceramic Tile in a Kitchen

Ceramic tiles are strong and durable. Made in a variety of colors and patterns, ceramic tiles are useful for covering just about any kitchen surface, from floors to walls to countertops. Successful tile installation depends on proper surface preparation, which differs according to the surface. Once

How to Design a Handicap Friendly Home

While current building regulations and laws dictate that any new property should be easy to navigate for those who are disabled or handicapped, older properties may need some renovation work to make the house "handicap friendly." There are a number of things to consider when designing a house that w

How to Cut 18-Inch Tiles

Larger tiles in sizes such as 18 inches are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Large tiles can create a more modern appearance in any tile design or material, and they also help to make small spaces look bigger, since there are fewer grout lines in a job using 18-inch tiles than in a jo

Reoccuring Cracks in Plaster Walls

Many homes will develop flaws in their walls or ceilings over time. To evaluate and repair cracks inside your home, determine the material you're working with. Most U.S. homes have ceilings and walls made of drywall, rather than plaster. Plaster is more common in homes built before the 1960s, and it

How to Mix FlexBond Mortar

FlexBond mortar is a special kind of mortar mix that contains additional materials to provide a better bond for porcelain, glass or ceramic tiles. The materials give the mortar more flexibility and allow for some movement of the tiles within the substance to help prevent cracking or breakage of the

How do I Remove Black From Roof Shingles?

There are typically a couple of conditions that will cause your roof shingles to turn black. Certain types of wood, particularly cedar and redwood, contain high levels of a natural extractive called tannic acid that will bleed to the shingle surface and stain it black. In certain environments, milde

How to Install Ceramic Shower Shelves

Ceramic shower shelves can provide a place to store soap and other bath products out of the shower head's water stream. Often used in place of a soap dish, ceramic shower shelves typically mount to the tile in a corner. When installed with thinset, a tile mortar, ceramic shower shelves become a perm

How to Find Broken Water Pipe Under Concrete Slab

A water leak under your concrete slab can cause serious structural damage and reduce your water pressure to the point where water won’t flow into your home. Though it might seem nearly impossible to detect such a slab leak, you can do it. You must work systematically so that you can be certain

Can a Bamboo Floor Be Installed Over an In-Floor Heater?

Bamboo is becoming a more and more popular material for flooring in the United States, and in a variety of construction projects, including radiant heating systems. Radiant heat is carried either by heated wires or heated water tubes that radiate heat upward from the floor. These systems work well w

How to Spray Textured Paint With a Paint Sprayer

Spray-on texture paints can save you time and effort over rolling or sponging similar textures onto your walls and ceiling. Sprayers can reach into corners where roller pads won't fit, giving you an even texture over your entire surface. Spraying paint is extremely messy, so remove everything from t

How to Fix a Sliding Door that Sticks

Sliding doors are a practical way to add a little privacy to a bedroom or a den if there is not room for the swing of a door. You can also use sliding doors next to a porch or patio. For the most part, these pocket doors or patio doors work without a hitch, but sometimes they stick, or cease to func

How to Build a Barn Door for a Shed

If you have a garden shed and you want to build a barn-style door for the shed, start by visiting your local lumber store. You can probably find everything you need there, sans the door hinges. Locate the door hinges at most home improvement centers. A barn door is utilitarian in nature and usually

Bathroom Lighting Options for Dual Sinks

Choose a fixture that best matches your decor.bathroom image by nutech21 from Fotolia.comYou've finally remodeled your master bath and have decided on the dual sink option. Now you need proper lighting. When deciding on light fixtures, there are several to choose from. Modern lighting...

How to Replace Storm Windows & Pricing

Replacing storm windows requires minimal time and tools while delivering a quality improvement to your home. By replacing your own storm windows you may even save on the overall cost. You will not have to pay someone to install the windows themselves, nor will you have to open your home to strangers

How to Clean Mold Off an Old Photograph

Mold is a fungus that thrives in damp environments. Usually, mold growth will first appear on an old photograph in the darkest part of the photo. When mold is actively growing it produces a dark, fuzzy appearance. If mold is left untreated, it can destroy old photographs. Protect old photographs in

Plans for Wood Patio Covers

Every patio can become an extension of indoor living space, especially if it has a roof cover. Wooden structures can be put in place to be covered with standard roofing materials, such as metal or asphalt shingles. However, wood patio covers can also be covered with fabric, bamboo or cedar shakes. U

How to Repair Roof Shingles With Asphalt Nails

Known for their style variety, cost efficiency and endurance, asphalt shingles are a prominent residential roofing material. Although asphalt shingles are generally weather resistant, they periodically become damaged. Harsh weather conditions, such as severe hail and extremely high winds, can cause

How to Make a Blueprint

A blueprint is the term commonly used to describe any of a number of large scale documents that detail the construction, design and materials used to create a building or residence. The copy process used to create these large format plans produced copies with a blue cast which led to the term bluepr