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Why Chainmaille Jewelry Craft

Why should a craftsperson make chainmaille jewelry?It is unique, satisfying, results in lacy fine jewelry, not technical to make, and creative.

Useful Tips When Working With Soy Wax and Making Soy Candles

In recent years, soy wax has enjoyed a growing popularity amongst candle makers and hobbyists. It's been a preferred choice by many over other kinds of wax, particularly because it is not made of petroleum, unlike traditional wax. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when making your own s

Kids Craft Idea - Making Waxed Paper Leaves

With this simple kids craft idea, you can prepare colorful autumn leaves and enjoy them all year round. It is important to follow the instructions carefully while implementing the kids craft idea and take adult supervision when using hot iron for heating. One can also get creative and using crayon s

Starting Up a Book Club

Book clubs are a great reason for friends to get together, share a glass of wine and an interest in reading. But besides the social aspects, there are many other benefits to being in a bookclub.Here are my top 10 reasons for starting a book club. A little inspiration may be all you need to start a b

Elegant Small Fisher Price Doll Pieces: Pattern Recommendations

The mood of the room is chosen by the expectations of those that do, or plan to use it.A bedroom would have a personal setting to illustrate the mood of that individual and help them feel comfortable.Great dollhouses are no different.

Building a Wooden Go-Kart

A wooden go-kart is a vehicle that is not self-propelled. It is also called go-kart or, simply, cart.

All Natural Candles For Your Home

The focus on all natural products isn't new but it has certainly hit a new pitch in recent years and all natural candles are no exception. Soy, palm, beeswax, and bayberry wax are all alternatives to paraffin wax which is the least expensive and most traditional wax used in candle making. Benef

Gloss Finish

Definition of the crafting term 'Gloss Finish' - A lustrous, shiny, surface such as that on photographs. Also used to describe the finished surface of some metals, papers, paints, etc.

Where Do They Sell Master Replicas?

Master Replicas is a California-based company that produces movie memorabilia. The company specializes in movies such as "Star Wars," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Harry Potter" and the James Bond franchise.

How to Make Handmade Staples

Many parents dread the day when summer has to end and school has to start. It is not because, they do not want their children to learn but getting back to school is very expensive. However with resourcefulness and creativity, we can make great savings by making handmade school supplies.

Have Fun With RC Airplanes

RC airplanes are exact miniature replicas of the various planes that have graced the skies with their flights some time or the other. It could be a magnificent B-52 Bomber, or the formidable Airbus or the graceful Concord, albeit with much lesser power. These RC planes (also known as model airplanes

Marx Generator + to Circle + Strip Head (EMP Simulator)

Marx generator + to circle + Strip head (EMP Simulator) Once I understood the theory, I would like now scales on the practice. I want to build a miniature model to simulate an EMP (electromagnetic ...

Why Are Miniature Dollhouses So Popular?

In recent years, the market for crafts and hobbies has exploded. People are forgoing expensive country club memberships and fancy vacation for this less expensive entertainment that can be just as fun and exciting. A new hobby that is sweeping the nation is collecting miniature dollhouses