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How to Make Shadow Box Picture Frames

If you have small trinkets or special memorabilia that you want to display, it may be too precious to place out onto a shelf. One solution is to place the items into a beautifully displayed shadow box, which will hang onto the wall like a framed picture. Instead of buying shadow boxes at a home deco

How to Make a Wooden Boat Paddle

A simple wooden oar or paddle can be easily made at home with a few woodworking tools and a little preparation. These paddles are an excellent way to propel a small wooden canoe or plastic kayak. Lightweight wood, like spruce, is the best wood to use when making a paddle. Many traditional paddles ha

How to Keep Autographs From Fading

From the scribblings of a beloved baseball hero to a hot celebrity, autographs are a tangible connection between superstardom and the common people. To keep a precious autograph looking as fresh and clear as it did the day it was signed, take steps to ensure the autograph will not fade.

How to Purchase a MS61 Lincoln 1909-S VDB Coin

The 1909-S VDB (the designer's initials) one-cent piece is a very rare coin. Less than 500,000 1909-S VDB Lincoln cents were minted, so be prepared to spend more than $1,000 for a coin in MS61 condition.

Pollen Tube Function

Plants that use seeds fertilize in a similar method to other organisms with male and female components. They must unite male gametophytes, usually in the form of pollen, with female gametophytes, the egg cells located within female flowers. Some plants produce flowers that have male and female compo

The Density of Stoddard Solvent

Stoddard Solvent constitutes a liquid chemical substance found in various commercial products. Two common measures of Stoddard Solvent density exist, specific gravity and vapor density. These two measurements compare the density of Stoddard Solvent to the density of well-known and understood substan

Mystery Box Ideas

A mystery box is a great way to bring surprise and fun to some of the basic choices in your life. To create a mystery box all you need is an empty box or paper bag. Write various choices down on slips of paper and stick them into the box. Then pick a slip of paper out of the box to decide what to do

What State in the U.S. Would Not Have Pine Trees?

Nearly every U.S. state has one native pine or another, from the stately eastern white pines of the Midwest and Northeast to the scraggly foxtail pines of high Klamath and Sierra Nevada mountaintops. However, one state has not a single native representative.

Difference Between Biomedical & Biochemistry

Biomedical and biochemical research both investigate the chemistry of life. While they overlap in many areas, they are not one and the same. Biomedical research is broader in terms of the techniques and disciplines it employs, whereas biochemical research is broader in terms of its aims and objecti

How to Decorate With a Shadow Box on the Wall Paneling

Shadow box paneling is simply four strips of narrow trim joined to form square or rectangular shapes and attached to a painted wall. It is often used below, or even above, chair rail trim. If your upper walls are covered in shadow box paneling, you have a situation that presents a decorating challen

How to Adjust Shotgun Sights

Knowing how to adjust the sights on your shotgun is important. Accuracy is paramount to shotgun firing. Front and rear sights can be found on most shotguns. Find a safe place to shoot and ensure the gun is functioning properly. Adjusting the sights on a shotgun can be simple if you complete the foll

How to Paint Warhammer Bases

You have painted your Warhammer and Warhammer 40000 miniatures and now they march across the battlefields of the Warhammer World and the 41st Millennium. While the models themselves represent the soldiers, their bases represent those battlefields, be it grass, sand, snow or alien landscapes.

How to Convert Decimal Odds to Percentage

Odds are commonly used to give players an idea of the chances a particular team, horse or dog has of winning and to determine what will be paid out when someone wins. Decimal odds are primarily used in Europe and are also known as European odds. It is helpful to know how to convert European odds t

How to Find the Current in a Parallel RLC Circuit

A parallel RLC circuit is one that contains one resistor, one inductor and one capacitor all wired in parallel with an AC-voltage source. Since the components are all wired in parallel, the voltage will be the same across each component. Assuming a known ideal resistance, capacitance and inductance,

Beetles of Virginia

Almost half of the more than 800,000 species of insects are beetles, which belong to the genera Coleoptera. Virginia is home to many different kinds of beetles, including those that live on land and in water. Most beetles are harmless, but some are considered pests due to the negative effects they h

What Are the Analytical Techniques in Forensic Science?

Forensic analytical sciences conducts analyses, identification, and interpretation of physical criminal and civil evidence. Experts in forensic science can provide their services to a criminal and to civil legal communities as they can interpret and consult on the results of their analytical techniq

Rope Weaving Tools

Rope weaving tools are available today for hobbyists and those who appreciate primitive crafts.Rope, image by Peter Jarvis from Fotolia.comPrior to the early 1800s, all rope was made by hand or with the simplest of tools. Basic rope weaving machines were in use by the early 1900s,...

Alabama Pottery Clay Types

Raw clay processed to make potter's clayclay image by Pavel Korsun from Fotolia.comAlabama mines four types of clay throughout the state that are used in pottery: bentonite, common clay, kaolin and shale. Mined clay is cleaned prior to processing into workable potter's clay. It is then...