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What is Mom Corp All About?

Atlanta-based Mom Corps was one of the first companies to see the potential in the legions of mothers looking for flexible, part-time jobs. When you register with Mom Corps, you give details of your work experience and your criteria for a job. Then you upload your resume to the Mom Corps database an

Baby Clothing Gifts

Baby clothing gifts are the perfect gift for parents and for the babies themselves and this is something that the parents are going to be needing and buying in abundance. The reason for this is of course simply that their children are going to be constantly growing and that means that they are going

All About Car Seat Covers

Every child needs a car seat cover in their car seat. Especially a newborn, to help support their head while they are riding in the car seat. When you have a car seat cover in the car seat, you will protect the car seat from spills, leaky bottles, spit up, and leaky diapers.

Research Guide to the 1930 US Census

Learn what questions were asked and how to find your ancestors in the 1930 census, in this free genealogy guide to the US Federal Census.

Top 8 Secrets Of Raising Financially Independent Kids

Our kids need to understand basic money principles. Learn the top 10 secrets kids need to know before leaving home. It is better that kids learn to manage their money while they are still living at home. Don't wait until it is too late and they are on their own with a car payment, credit card b

Toddlers and Anemia

Fathers must keep in mind that the type, cause, and severity of their children's anemia will determine what kind of care is needed.

Top 7 Bath Toys

Bath toys are so much fun! It's great to splash around in the tub surrounded by colorful bath toys. Bath toys range from the traditional rubber ducky to the more sophisticated bath toys of today. Here's a selection of the best bath toys and bath accessories which will bring excitement and

A Review of a Parenting Ebook Called "The Guide to Honest Parenting"

I have finally found a parenting ebook to help not only myself, but 1000's of other people as well. This book is packed with information on human behavior. Daniel Craven is a well known child and adolescent therapist that specializes in mild to extremely severe behavior and emotional problems.

How to Monitor a Child's Computer Usage

Internet usage has become a common practice in most homes. Children can quickly access information to help them with their homework as well as spend time chatting with their friends. Unfortunately, the Internet comes with its dangers. There are sexual predators lurking on the forums your children us

Hiding Drugs in Plain Sight

Ever wonder how your child might hide his or her drug use from you? Get the inside scoop from this teenage drug abuser.

Ages of Kids Involved in Cyber Bullying

Most children in 2011 are able to use a computer. They know what a mouse is for, they know how to operate a keyboard and they certainly know about the Internet. For all the good this brings them -- access to educational materials and global communication -- comes the bad including cyber bullying, th

Why You Should Buy Organic Baby Clothing for Your Infant

Organic baby clothing items may be more costly than the chemical-laden ones you can find cheaply at department stores, but you can't put a price on the benefits they bring to your child. Not only does purchasing 100% organic items protect your child from sickness, it contributes to the prosperi

Shame Vs. Repair

Relationship repair can help children develop confidence. It also creates security and helps diminish feelings of shame.


Thanks so much to these parents for submitting pictures of their children for the Twos and Older photo gallery.

How to Wean Babies From Formula to Milk

The majority of pediatricians recommend that your child can begin to drink cow's milk at around one year old. On the other hand, if a child is accustomed to formula, he might be picky and not want to try cow's milk. Do not worry, because you can ease your child's transition to cow's milk and make th

Planning a Child? Then Read This!

Giving birth to a child is a serious matter. Most children in today's world are conceived by parents without giving a serious thought to the matter. Would-be parents can consciously decide what kind of child they are going to produce.

How Do I Get My Kids Away From TV and Video Games?

These days kids are picking up TV and video games at earlier ages and spending more and more time with them.Don't get me wrong - I am not one of those people that believe TV and video games are evil.But the problem starts when the TV and video games are used as babysitting instead of educationa

The Right Book at the Right Time

What kind of books will your child understand and enjoy?Follow these simple guidelines to help pick out the best book for your child.

How to Help Babies & Children Sleep During the Holidays

During big holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, it's a busy time -- for you as well as baby. With all the hustle and bustle, noise and family members visiting, it's no wonder that little ones are too hyped up to sleep. Add in a few extra sweets that are often given this time of y