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Which Container to Carry Drinking Water?

While on the move with children, especially in hot climate, one should always have as much drinking water as one needs. Therefore a handy container is useful, either with an embedded filter or for being refilled only with filtered water. Bottled water although the most used solution, is not the pref

No Posturing. Just Solutions.

New-Year Resolutions are harbingers of disappointment and triumph; reflective of an ideal life nobody really has time to lead, between the nine to six, socialising, kids, extracurricular commitments and maintaining the summer physique we all ...

The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat for Women Over 50.

STRENGTHENING abdominals The stronger and sturdier abdominal muscles, the better they keep their shape. We have to consider one feature - the abdominal muscles, muscle endurance is and they love a lot of repetition. This ...

The Quest for Health in Water-Plump Valley

Water is the vital part of a healthy diet, and consuming more water assists in both weight loss and weight management. Another important fact about water-plump foods is that they are rich in nutrients and volume but low in calories.

The Ideal Breakfast Equation

A healthy day starts with a healthy breakfast. How many times have we reached for a donut and our food choices only went downhill from there for the remainder of the day? This article gives suggestions for making the best choices at breakfast, along with the reasoning behind each suggestion.

Certain Common Workout Mistakes to Avoid

To spend long hours at fitness centers and sweat hard might assure that you are working hard to keep yourself fit. But, are you sure that the work out exercises that you do are doing good to you? Thin

Working Out Tips to Improve Flexibility

When you ask people their reason for working out and staying in shape, the answer is rarely, 'To increase my flexibility.' It's one of those things that has been taken for granted as an added

How Celebrities Stay Looking Good For Their Jobs

Celebrity diets are big when it comes to advertising weight loss and fitness products. Developers of 'How to lose weight' diet programs often use fitness models to help sell diet foods to the public.

What are the benefits of Physical Fitness ?

These articles mainly discussed about the benefits of Physical fitness ,which helps to workout mainly for cardiovascular fitness and burn out more calories rapidly.

Some Fast Food Nutrition Facts

If you are looking for fast food nutrition facts, then you are probably concerned about your health. You might be trying to lose weight. You might simply be concerned about whether or not you are ...

Main Tips To Buying An Exercise Ball

First off, when you're looking for an exercise ball to purchase, you need to be sure you have one that has no holes, scrapes, punctures, or any kind of these rips and tears in it. Obviously you don't want to buy a messed up exercise ball, but the main reason to check, is because there coul

Dining Out the Healthy Way

Who doesn't like going out to eat at a nice restaurant. Even in this recession, dining out offers a great experience to escape it all. That does not mean you have to sabotage your diet and eat unhealthy.

Is Tiger Woods over as being a Major's Champion?

On the subject of professional players there's definitely not one single player who's received more publicity compared to Tiger Woods. That obviously is due to his tremendous talent

How to Make a 4 Inch Life Preserver

A life preserver is a device intended to keep people afloat and prevent them from drowning. They are also called personal flotation devices (PDF) and come in the form of jackets, cushions, rings, belts and vests. The Coast Guard requires that all vessels maintain Coast Guard-approved life preservati

Techniques of River Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is the most commonly used method of catching trout and salmon fishes. River Fly fishing is fast catching up both as a hobby as well as a time pass. Choosing the right equipment is very imp

Mardan Eyes Return To The Open

Mardan Mamat of Singapore is aiming to sweeten his year by qualifying for The Open Championship through the International Final Qualifying (IFQ) – Asia which starts on Thursday.

How To Get Flat Abs Fast!

You do your sit-ups daily like clockwork, but when you look in the mirror you still see flabby abdominals staring back at you. Is there a secret to getting flat abs fast? Getting flat abs ...