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How to Remove a Flexible Watch Band

If your flexible watch band is past its prime, has become damaged or if you simply don't like the style, it may be time to replace it. A flexible watch band typically is made up of metal links and often has an expansion line running through it. This allows the watch band to stretch, making it easy t

Natural Ingredients Promote Healthy Hair

In order to have gorgeous looking hair, shampooing it one time in two days is absolutely not enough. Many people believe that hair is something that does not require additional concern, but on the converse, it is something that needs all the care in the world.

Scrub-A-Dub Dub, Coffee In The Tub?

No, I don't mean taking a steaming mug of the black brew with you and sipping on it while you soak in the tub. What I am referring to is the latest fad in body scrubs and exfoliants - coffee. Who would have thought that the grounds leftover after brewing a pot would be good for something?

Tips on Using Thinning Shears

Thinning shears have comb-like blades that cut half of your hair while leaving the other half at its original length. They are most commonly used to thin thick or curly hair, but may also be used to style and texture, or create a finished look, with many different types of hair cuts. It is easy to u

How to Blouse a Combat Boot

The U.S. military has strict regulations on how a military uniform is worn properly. Discipline is ingrained in soldiers from the first day of boot camp, and it begins with the uniform and its appearance. One of the regulations regarding proper uniform protocol involves the blousing of the pant leg

How to Clean and Polish Patent Leather Shoes

Patent leather is all about the shine. Regular cleaning and buffing will help to maintain that glamorous glow. Patent leather shoes may be in-you-face haute couture or classic formalwear; either way, the glistening finish will add a spark to your attire. Patent leather was originally varnished with

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment With Stem Cell Therapy

Because stem cells exist in an undifferentiated state, they are capable of differentiating or changing into specialised cells, replicating any tissue in the human body, including muscle cells, red blood cells, and even brain or nerve cells.

Hot-Stepper: Amanda Bynes

From casual-chic minis to paisley pantsuits, anything goes at the annual MTV Movie Awards.

How to Clean a Hotpoint Fridge Model CTX16

Manufactured by the GE Corporation, Hotpoint refrigerators offer fairly standard features, such as fruit and vegetable crispers, tall bottle storage, adjustable shelves and an automatic ice maker. Like most refrigerators, the Hotpoint refrigerator will eventually need to be cleaned because of food s

About Fingernail Care

Fingernails are made up of keratin, a component that is also found in other areas of your body, such as your hair and skin. Manicures are more than just to look your nail pretty. They are procedures for caring for your nail to keep them healthy and in excellent condition. In between salon appointmen

How Does a Black-Tie Event Work?

A black-tie event is a classy, upscale party that involves sophisticated wear, dinner, cocktails and music. Usually, an invitation is sent to all the guests, and fantasy hors d'oeuvres are served. Men must usually wear a tuxedo and women can either wear a classy cocktail dress or evening...

Natox Cream Wrinkle Reduction Without Pain

Natox Cream is the most effective anti-wrinkle product that works on the Botox principle. Based on quantum physics and natural ingredients, it delivers the same results as Botox and can guarantee excellent anti-wrinkle results without the high cost of invasive treatments. It is available to order di

How to Make Your Own Heat Protector Spray

Heat-based hair-styling appliances--including blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and crimpers--can leave your hair dry, brittle and damaged. Some companies make heat protection and repair products that promise to reverse the damage caused by styling appliances, but they can be costly. You can sa

How to Tie a Sash Around Your Neck

A sash is a rectangular length of cloth that may be used as a belt or around the neck as a scarf. The modern woman has taken the sash to new accessory heights with designer sashes that can be worn in a variety of ways and come in an assortment of colors and lengths. The sash has a variety of uses fo

Glitter Converse

I get so much email about the metallic Converse Chuck Taylors that I've featured before, that I thought a lot of you might enjoy these pink glitter shoes from Converse.