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Urine Therapy for Cancer

The jury is still out on the usefulness of urine therapy, or urotherapy, in the treatment of cancer. However, it remains the subject of heated debate between its advocates in the field of alternative/complementary medicine and those in mainstream medicine who, for the most part, dismiss it as quacke

All About the Home Remedy For Colon Cleansing

If constipation symptom is worrying you, you may be looking for a home remedy for colon cleansing. Certainly, you badly need relief and hope that a home remedy for colon cleansing can be the remedy you need. Luckily, there are numerous options available out there for a home remedy for colon cleansin

What Is The Master Cleanse Diet?

What is the master cleanse diet? The master cleanse diet is a very special dieting technique that cleans the body from toxins and undigested fecal matter, causing weight loss and tremendous health improvements. It is also known as "The lemonade diet" because it involves using a mixture of

Natural Alternative for Diabetes

Simple changes in lifestyle and eating healthy diet are wonder way to have diabetes natural cure and also it is free from side effects.

Avocado Remedies

Want to lower your cholesterol intake? How about using a natural hand cream? Avocados could be the answer.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Written by ChicagoHealers.com Practitioner Dr. Diane Meyer--Heavy Metal Toxicity in my verbiage refers to those elements not necessary for human function that, once in the biological system, can imita

Negative Ions That Count - Positive Impact

Take it from me, as a chemical engineer, I know what are negative ions. These are negatively charged particles, but not all negatively charged particles are negative ions. A dust (solid) particle or mist (liquid) that has gained (at least one) electron is negatively charged or ionized but not a nega

Procedure of Preparing Ayurvedic Medicine

In ayurvedic medicine, medicines are derived from things which occur in nature. In some instances, a single element, such as a single herb, may provide the necessary medicinal benefit. This is termed a "single-drug therapy." Often, however, a mix of elements is required to treat a particular conditi

What are the Benefits of Colon Cleansing?

Let's face it. Colon cleansing isn't exactly a topic that everyone likes to discuss around the dinner table. However, there are some major health benefits to cleansing your colon and the sad part is... many don't even know it.

Never Waste Time in Searching the Excellent Medical Centers

These days' people utilize the internet services in finding about the hot fashion trends, top tourists destination, and remarkable food courts located nearby their place. One will find thousands of resources online, from where we ...

Home Remedies for Sore Throat - Get Fast Relief

Mango bark is effective in the treatment of a sore throat and other throat related disorders. Its fluid that is extracted by grinding can be applied locally with favorable results. It can also be used

Acupuncture an Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture is often associated with pain control; in the hands of a well-trained practitioner, it has much broader applications. Acupuncture is a part of the health care system of China that can be traced back ...