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Learn How To Stop Smoking Today

Imagine what telling yourself the truth will do in place of the crazy dialog of lies smokers practice in the privacy of their rather confused minds. Smokers, in a word, lie to themselves the whole day

Are e-cigs an effective way to quit smoking

There are a ton of ways to quit smoking, nicotine gum, patches, hypnotism, and even laser therapy. All of these ways have been effective to a point. I wonder about the success rate of each of these me

Holla!!! Learn From Me

These e-cigarettes saved my life. Electronic cigarettes have assisted me grow and re-discover life.

November 5

Recovery thought of the day for November 5 from the About.com Alcoholism / Substance Abuse site.

Peggy's Story

The getting there was the hardest part. Staying was easy. I have been clean now for over 9 years.

Learn How To Quit Smoking - 12 Effective Steps

It is no secret that an addiction to cigarettes is one of the toughest habits to break. While there are some people who can quit by the strength of will power alone, the vast majority of the smoking population requires the assistance of cessation aids and numerous attempts before quitting cigarettes

Video Game Addiction

Compulsive video gaming is a modern-day psychological disorder that experts tell WebMD is becoming more and more popular.

Cocaine Effects - The Underbelly of the Glamor Drug

Cocaine is sometimes referred to as the caviar of street drugs due to the fact that it is very expensive. It has the rather unique position of being viewed as both glamorous and slummy, used by celebrities and wall street traders alike. The drug has serious effects on the brain, the heart, and the e

Coke Withdrawal Symptoms

If an individual is deteriorating from his cocaine dependence, starting over clean and drug free is a huge undertaking. Quitting this drug takes more than just stopping. Aside from the psychological factors that need to be treated with care, it is also important to know that when this drug is immedi

Understanding an Alcohol Detox Protocol

If you're someone who knows you have a drinking problem but keep telling yourself you can quit any time you like, you may be talking to a fool.As blunt as that sounds, the reality is that surviving self-detoxification from alcohol abuse is not only intensely painful; it can even be fatal.