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Pillared Wedding Cake Construction Pro's & Cons

Ordering a wedding cake is about a lot more than dessert. It is traditionally the centerpiece of the decor of the event. For that reason a wise bride will consider her options in cake design and construction carefully.

Modest Wedding Gowns: The History

The Western culture has a very interesting history of their wedding gowns and wedding ceremony. Ever wonder why the Western brides wear white for their wedding? Or why they have to wear laurel crowns and put transparent bridal veils on their faces? Why do the brides have to stand on the Groom's

Pirate Party Ideas

Pirate parties should incorporate costumes and spooky decorations.skull image by vb_photo from Fotolia.comPirate parties are a popular birthday theme for girls and boys alike. A successful party allows kids to get creative with dress-up games and imaginative play. Consider whether your...

Modern Damask Wedding Design

When used in a contemporary manner, damask is both elegant and stylish. It has the power to elevate a wedding design to a higher level. If you are looking for a print that is timeless and yet very current, damask is the perfect choice.

Neutral Colored Bridesmaid Dresses

The bridesmaid dresses which you select for your wedding have a very large impact on the overall style and color palette of the event. While bright or dramatic colors can be wonderful, there is something very elegant about bridesmaid dresses in an understated hue.

Leather Anniversary Ideas

Traditionally, third wedding anniversary gifts are made of leather. While this may seem limiting, there are a variety of small and large items you can select from as you pick a gift that suits your spouses' interests and tastes.

Wedding Hairstyles And Wedding Haircuts

Getting married is one thing that every woman looks in his life. It is the day she will remember for the rest of his life. For any marriage, everything must be perfect, as the dress, the cake, food, the place where you are, to get married, music at the reception, tuxedos, and to cap it all for haird

DIY: Flower Girl Hair Accessories

Use silk flowers and ribbon to create a garland with streamers for your flower girl's hair. You can echo the bride's choice of colors and flower varieties in the garland. They can be made months in advance and set aside for the big day. A homemade hair garland can be the perfect hair accessory for a

Iron Anniversary Gifts for Men

An iron golf club could be the ideal gift for your husbandgolf club image by cico from Fotolia.comWhile iron is the traditional sixth anniversary gift, it can be given for another anniversary, as well. Iron, being a masculine and strong substance, will translate well into an anniversary...

Wedding Venues In HertfordshireHave The Best Of Weddings And Enjoyment

The companies which provide the service for arranging the wedding venues in Hertfordshire are experts in this field and have a good experience in arranging the weddings. They have a full report of the various venues and an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of these venues.

Wedding Theme Ideas for a Beach Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a very trying task and often people cannot decide what they are going to do for their wedding. More and more people are choosing to go with a theme for their wedding. The wed

Long Bridal Hair Styles

Just because a bride-to-be has long flowing tresses, it doesn't mean she has to opt for a tight updo to sweep her tresses away from her smiling face. Whether it is long and flowing, partially up or in a comfortable and fashionable updo, the bride's long hair can look perfect in a variety of styles w

The Latest Engagement Ring Trends

One of the most exciting parts about getting engaged is naturally the ring! Of course, it is the prospect of marrying your dream guy that is the most important part of an engagement, but most women would agree that the fabulous ring is a close second. Before you start shopping for the perfect engage

Choosing Your Wedding Music Band

Choosing a wedding band for your wedding and/or reception is an important task. Of all the vendors you may work with for your wedding, this is one of the most important.

Traditional Gift Options for Wedding Anniversary

FTD is an online flower retailer that has special expertise in bouquets. The flowers send from FTD can make anyone on any occasion, be it a birthday or an anniversary. Shop by occasion and get the per

How Much Does an Alvina Valenta Dress Cost?

Alvina Valenta is a line produced by JLM Couture. All dresses are handmade in the United States using high-quality fabrics and most run from misses size 2 to 24. Counterfeit dresses do exist, so let the buyer beware if anything looks too cheap--or good--to be true. Of course, these designer gowns co