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Learn How to Get a Man to Want You!

If you're looking to get a man to marry you, then make sure you don't make these mistakes. Once you put this advice into action, you will experience a dramatic change.

Uncontested Divorce, The Best Way To A Quick Divorce

Going through a divorce will probably be one of the most emotionally charged experiences you will ever have. The feeling that you're about to end a marriage, a union that was created in front of friends, family and maybe even the church is something that will weigh heavily on your mind. You mig

Show Your Love - The Rights and the Wrongs of Affection

Is your heart overflowing with strong emotions and you want to show that special man your love? Have you been making comments or displays of affection, but you're not sure if you doing too much? Is he kind of lukewarm to your displays?

Make Him Fall in Love With You - Old Strategies That Are New Again

Is your guy driving you crazy - falling all over himself to please you one day, then not even calling the next? Are you getting really tired of being the only one who seems to be working on your relationship? The fact is, it's a slow, frustrating process to make him fall in love with you, but o

Why to Go With Family Law Firms

You are facing a legal trouble or situation in your family, related to relations and disputes among each other. Under such circumstances, very few of the people prefer to either contact lawyers or police for ...

Ludwig's Guide to Surviving an Affair

Can your marriage survive infidelity? For most people, the answer to this question is no. Every year thousands of marriages end because one or both spouses to ignore family and faith is the thing. Infidelity ...

Temporary Custody During Separation

Custody can be granted temporarily to one parent while a divorce case is pending, or if parents have separated. Temporary custody may be awarded to one parent until the formal decision is made about permanent custody of the child, or until the separation of the parents ends.

Stop Your Divorce - Women - 4 Steps to Save Your Marriage

If your marriage is on the rocks and you think the only solution is divorce, but that's not what you want, I want you to know there is hope and that you save your marriage and have a better relationship with your husband than you may have thought possible. Relax, take a deep breath and keep rea

The Gift of Relationships

Wherever you go, there you are. What you don't resolve in your current relationship will appear in the next. The only person you can change in the relationship is you. What you see in your partners is a gift for you. Don't run too quickly - most likely, you're running from something y


A man will begin to enjoy marriage when he realizes, 'it's good for him to talk freely with his wife. As you communicate with her or him, both of you will understand each other more than befo

A Save Your Christian Marriage Review - No Hype, Just the Facts

This "Save Your Christian Marriage" review takes a good look at a top selling manual to help Christian couples who are having problems in their marriage. After looking at several "relationship" guides aimed at the Christian market, I wanted to see if this manual was really as goo

How to Serve Divorce Papers in California

Filing for divorce can be a confusing process. In California, each form has to be filled out 100 percent correct in order for the process to start. Two forms are required to start the process; depending if children or excessive property is involved there may be additional forms. These forms are fou

After a Divorce - The Shunning From Entire Families

After a divorce, many face the challenge of being fully shunned by friends they had in entire families. Much like what is seen in cults when people are disfellowshipped, similar shunning goes on in families. What is it that causes people to stay away from friends just because two people stopped lovi

10 Ways To Remember Your Wedding

You have to follow some steps if you want to memorize your wedding. A marriage can be a love marriage or an arranged one. But everyone cherishes to have the sweet memories of it.

Can One Spouse Save A Marriage Alone?

There are things you can do to save your marriage even if your spouse doesn't want the marriage to be saved. If you do these things, the odds are strong that you'll cause the leaving spouse to want to come back to you.