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How to Convert Tivo to MPG

TiVo records programs onto a harddrive which can be transferred to a computer. This is normally done to watch on an iPod but if you want to convert the file to MPG format to watch on another device, there are options available.

What Do 46 Inch Flat Screens Mean?

"Flat screen TV" is a generic term for a television unit that has no curvature in its display. It is also used to refer to the range of TV technologies that have superseded the traditional cathode-ray tube, such as LCD and plasma.There are various considerations when choosing a flat screen

How to Troubleshoot a Blu-Ray Player

At its best, a Blu-ray player allows the viewer to watch films in dazzling high definition and purchase movies on disks that possess 10 times more storage capacity than regular DVDs. However, as with any relatively new technology, there is always the possibility that there may be problems with your

“8 Mile” DVD Review

It took a while, but 8 Mile eventually drew me in. I liked the way director Curtis Hanson mixed elements of a coming-of-age story with class struggle, and Eminem has the right screen presence. Read a brief dvd review and overview of 8 Mile.

How Do I Bridge a 4-Channel Car Amp to 2 Channels?

Bridging an amplifier means you are combining two channels to produce more power output to your audio equipment, such as a subwoofer. For instance, you can bridge a two-channel amplifier to one channel to increase wattage to one subwoofer. Likewise, you can bridge a four-channel amplifier into two c

How to Sync a Bluetooth Palm

Certain models of Palm handheld devices are Bluetooth-compatible. This means that they not only connect to wireless audio devices like headsets and ear phones, they also connect to a computer and transfer digital information without the use of a wired connectiuon. Syncing a device to your Palm handh

Types of Noise in Satellite Communication

Electronic noise is an abrupt electrical energy addition that occurs within a communication signal exchanged between two distant points over communication networks, including satellite communication networks. This type of energy induction is usually measured as an unwanted fluctuation within data si

How to Set the Time on an RCA RP5020 Digital Voice Recorder

The RCA RP5020 is a digital voice recorder that automatically stamps each recording with a time and date. You must set the time and date function through the menu on the device. Once set, the recorder will display the time and date of each recording on the main screen as you cycle through the record

How to Find a Coax Outlet in Home Wiring

Coaxial outlets are designed to make cable and satellite connections easy and clean. These outlets, or ports, have a unique connector that looks nothing like a conventional AC outlet or phone jack. Understanding how to identify what the coaxial outlet jack looks like can help you arrange your seatin

Celtic Dolphin Tattoos and also photographs

Celtic Dolphin Tattoos and photographs: Why? as more and also more girls select daring tattoo designs than ordinary adorable and sublime ones these days.See more upon Celtic Dolphin Tattoos and also photographs.Like eagle that is ...

Can I Lay a Subwoofer on Its Side?

Adding a subwoofer to a home stereo or home theater system creates a new level of excitement, allowing you to feel the beat of your favorite music or the rumble of action in a war movie. Low frequency sound is less directional than midrange and high frequencies, so placement of a subwoofer is forgiv

Consider the Nature of Conceptual Photography

You certainly may have heard about conceptual photography as this kind of photography differs from the regular photography. As in this type of photography you get a fair idea about the idea of the photo ...

How to Convert CD Tracks to Ring Tones for a Cell Phone

Before the introduction of smart phones or mobile phones that doubled as media players, adding a new ring tone to a cell phone meant buying specially formatted music files or using complicated conversion software. Many modern cell phones, though, also play MP3 files and allow you to use the music fi

Best Micromax Tablets in India

From last year we have seen a number of low-cost tablets coming into Indian market. The idea is that in India where a computer is still thought to be a luxury item, an affordable tablet ...

How to Stream MP3s

You want to spice up a web site by streaming a live MP3 and putting it on a page so that when visitors come to the web site, they'll have music to keep them on your site or just to add a piece of flair to your domain. But how do you do it? It's not that hard. Just pay attention and in a few minutes,

How to Copy iPhone Text Messages Using SSH

Using SSH on an iPhone is only possible if your iPhone is jailbroken. SSH, or Secure Shell, is a method to connect to your iPhone from your computer using a secure and encrypted link. Because this connection also allows access to the entire iPhone file system, it is not possible on standard, non-jai

The Best Way to Store an HD Camcorder

Proper storage is a key part of extending the life of your HD camcorder. High-definition cameras are an expensive purchase, after all. Unlike other electronics, you don't usually use a camcorder every day. Because the camcorder spends a good portion of its life in storage, it's important to prote

Microkorg - Still Cool?

The Microkorg is essentially an affordable little brother to the mighty MS2000 synth. Everything about it is compact, small and light, except the sound. It boasts an incredibly beefy, full sound that can fill clubs ...

How to Connect a Cell Phone to Skype

You can conveniently call your friends, family and business associates with Skype when you connect your cell phone to the VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, network. Using an Android, iPhone or Symbian smartphone is by far the easiest method to start making Skype calls from your mobile device. D