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How to Change the View for How Microsoft Word Opens Email Attachments

Microsoft Outlook allows users to send files as attachments along with email text. When you try to open a Microsoft Word document attached an Outlook email, the document is displayed in "Reading Layout" by default. This view hides the Word toolbars, increases the text size and shows the document on

How to Remove Items & Programs in the Add/Remove Registry

Windows includes a convenient Add or Remove Programs tool that computer owners can use to uninstall programs they no longer need. However, the uninstall process sometimes does not delete the program completely, leaving these items on the list of currently installed programs. At this point it is no l

How to Burn a DVD to DVD?

Gone are the days when people use to watch movies on VHS tapes. Even though they weren't bad but the quality was just not that good.

How to Design Your Own Banner and Avatar

The first thing most people notice when they look at a YouTube channel or a Twitter page is the banner or avatar on the page. Designing a custom banner or avatar is the easiest way to add personality and communicate something special about a website, blog or Twitter profile. While it may appear hard

How to Enable Recording on a Disabled FLV File

Any digital video that is compressed to stream through the Adobe Flash Player is stored in the FLV file format. Flash has emerged as the predominant medium for online video; the format has been adopted by such services as YouTube, GoogleVideo, MySpace, Dailymotion and Hulu. Although a user may be ab

Best Practice Advice for PC KIOSK Software

Kiosk system software generally addresses security by keeping and deterring users from maliciously hacking into or attacking the kiosk. In essence, the system must be able to constantly prevent the misuse of the accessibility features provided.

Security Rules for Maintaining Computer Security

You may probably have done a lot to maintain your computer security, such as setting up the Fire Wall; installing anti-virus program, etc. However, are you sure that you have adopted the right ways to ...

What Is Contract Management?

Following the 'what is'-series regarding different business areas is here an article about what Contract Management is. The idea of the 'what is'-series is to write the articles in a way that people w

Open Office Crashed & All My Writing Is Gone

The open source software OpenOffice has a built-in program called CrashReporting that can help recover lost documents. If you believe you've lost irreplaceable files, you can also search the backup files on your computer, use a recovery software tool or take it to a computer specialist.

How to Convert a PPT to a Movie

A Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) file contains a set of slides that come together to form a presentation. While it is a convenient format for a presenter in a meeting room, PPT doesn't always translate well for storage and display on a website. Fortunately, you have a number of choices for converting th

Purchase Autodesk Mudbox 2011 cheap

Discount computer software Autodesk Mudbox 2011 buy cheap!Autodesk Mudbox 2011 is part of the Autodesk 3D software suite. It is a digital sculpting program that also has painting capabilities.

How to Convert a PPT to an MPEG4

Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide show creation software application developed by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Office suite. PowerPoint can be used for creating interactive slide shows as well continuous slide shows. If you have created a slide show in PowerPoint and want to distribute it to cli


Define EMX - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.

Get Control of Your Mailbox 2: Email Folders

These days we get bombarded with emails. According to research, in 2010, we are each receiving an average of 74 emails per day, 61 of which are legitimate emails, and we are sending an average of 34 emails per day.

How to Parse XML in PHP

"Parsing" happens when input data is read and selected prior to being transformed into a presentation format. PHP5 provides a full set of functionalities for parsing XML, consisting of DOM, SAX, SimpleXML, PCRE and XSLT libraries. This article will guide you through a working example of all five fun