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How to Use Excel in OpenOffice

If you've used Microsoft Excel, it won't take you very long to adjust to OpenOffice Calc, the spreadsheet component of OpenOffice. Calc supports files saved in Excel (.xls) format, and you can use Calc to open all versions of Excel files. You can even save files as older (pre-2007) Excel files, but

This Is Training iPad Review

I found an iPad review series, and just to let you know, I am a very skeptical person I'm always thinking that someone is trying to scam me! But in this case I can honestly ...

How to Convert an XLS File to a Text File

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet applications. Included as part of the Microsoft Office suite, Excel allows users to insert data into spreadsheets in a structured format, perform calculations on the data, and generate a wide range of charts and reports. Though the program saves

How to Recover a ZIP File for Free

The ZIP file type is an archive that stores other, often very large, files within. If you delete one of these files by accident, it is not gone for good. Your computer has a safety mechanism that lets you recover a file that you've deleted. There's no need to buy any extra software to use this featu

Backing Up Data On Dell Alienware Aurora Alx

Dell Alienware Aurora ALX is a popular laptop amongst avid gamers. Its capacity to deliver excellent HD quality video, digital audio and life like graphics are some of the reasons that make it an ideal choice. You might also like to download a variety of online games. This process often results in v

Adware and Spam Mail: Internet Threats

Internet is a well thought interconnection of network spread around the whole world. Internet is a major source of information. Internet provides a common platform for everyone to get, share information. You can get valuable ...

No Need to Hate Math With Math Software

Wherever you will go, wherever you will be, there will always be mathematical equations around. The computations you do will always haunt you because you need this skills. In today's world, you cannot live without Math. That is why if you have difficulty in it, Math Software will come in handy.

How to Add Plugins to PowerPoint

The mathematical formula that describes the size of the chambers in nautilus shells or the organization of seeds on a sunflower is the Fibonacci Sequence. Simple addition applied over a large set of numbers describes many phenomena in nature. Similarly, adding features to PowerPoint can expand the c

All About Software Development

The main aim of software development is to provide growth and value to the requirements of the users, in addition to the marketing goals and demands.

How to Convert MP4 to AAC

If you have some MP4 video files on your computer that you want to be able to use as audio files, you can convert the MP4 files to AAC audio files. AAC files are similar to MP3 files except that the quality is a bit better. If you want to convert your MP4 files to AAC files, you can do so for free w

Technical Support for a Variety of Dell Devices

Dell offers many different types of support for their customers. From setup issues to technical support they have a team that is available to help their customers. For example, if a customer is unavailable to ...

Finding The Right Web Design And Development Company

It is not difficult to find a web design and development company. In fact, with a cursory search you’d be able to find quite a few, but the trick is to find the right company for your purpose. To be able to do that you must first know the nuances of the web development industry and the nature

WiFi – WiFi Explained

WiFi is also referred to as WLAN, which stands for wireless LAN, and 802.11, which is the technical code for the protocol. Learn more here.

How to Convert a BMP to CUR

Website owners can make their sites memorable through custom graphics, layouts and even by using a catchy domain name. Custom cursors--images that appear in place of the default mouse cursor--also allow website owners to create a unique browsing experience for visitors who use Windows. Create custom