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How Quickly Can I Get My Past Federal Tax Return?

Getting a hold of a past federal tax return isn't a problem most of us expect to have. Usually when we file our taxes, that's it--we send them off to the IRS and hope to never, ever think about them again. It's not an experience most of us want to relive.

Understanding IRS Penalties, and What Can Be Done

This article is includes information which is posted on the IRS web site, yet not advertised.There are options concerning penalties owed to the IRS. The IRS does not go into serious details on how, or for what reasons, penalties can be abated.Read the entire article for more detailed information.

Do You Need Income Tax Questions Answered?

Do you have questions about your income tax? Get your tax questions answered online. Some tax law firms offer online Q & A services. There are people who can answer your income tax question. Do not give out personal information online, like SS number. Read this article to learn about online tax ques

General Individual Tax Provisions

There are multiple provisions included in The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 that can have an impact on individuals and businesses alike. This week we

Can I Write Off Bus Passes on My Taxes?

Transportation expenses, including bus passes, are tax deductible in some situations. The primary factor is whether the transportation costs are recognized as business or personal. Business expenses are deductible, but personal expenses are not. Transportation costs are deemed business-related depe

Online State Tax Filing the Easy Way

Online state tax filing is now possible with just a click of the mouse. Remember when everything was done manually? It was a tedious process and was more prone to error.

Information on Expatriate Tax

If you live and work outside the U.S. during the year, you have the same obligation to file a tax return and pay federal income tax as those who do not live abroad. However, you may qualify for some valuable tax-reducing benefits that are only available to American expatriates. But before you can ta

Your Tip Earnings and Taxes

If you work in a service where you get tips, guess what? The IRS expects you to report them and pay taxes on them.

What Is the Purpose of State Unemployment Tax?

State unemployment tax is used to help pay for temporary unemployment benefits for qualified workers. Employees receive unemployment benefits through the unemployment insurance program, a joint federal-state program. Employers are responsible for paying state unemployment tax, although as of March 2

What is Stored in the Draft Companies Bill 2009? Relating to Accounts and Audit

The existing Companies Act 1956 has outlived its utility after having served over five decades catering the need of the corporates and governed their conducts. Considering the exponential growth of the industry and trade which has grown from mere 30,000 companies (approx.) in 1956 to 8, 00,000 compa

How to Avoid Social Security Tax Traps

Social Security is supplemental income for retired people and pays a monthly annuity to millions of Americans. About one-third of Social Security recipients must pay taxes on Social Security, according to SSA Publication No. 05-10035. Many of these recipients do not realize Social Security benefits

Internet Banking Could Help With Your Tax Retuns

One of the most useful things about Internet banking is that once you have your account information on your computer, you can export it into financial programs such as Microsoft Money and Quicken, to better manage your various household accounts

When Do Kids Have to File Taxes?

Children may usually be claimed as dependents on their parent's tax returns. As of 2009, the IRS states that a dependent must file a tax return if he has any of the following: earned income over $5.700, unearned income over $950 or gross income that totals the larger of $950 or up to $5,400 of earne

Can House Remodeling Expenses Be Deducted During Tax Payments?

Remodeling a house can be costly. Sometimes the remodeling needs to be done to resolve electrical, plumbing or structural problems. If these issues are not fixed, further damage can result. Sometimes the remodeling is only needed to fix cosmetic problems so that homeowners can design homes to their

Important Tax Tips If You've Lost Your Job

Losing your job is never easy. It's bad enough you've lost your income but then you have to file your taxes, too. The good news is you may get a larger refund than you would have got