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Finding Good Credit Repair Companies

Have you ever asked yourself the question: How do I fix bad credit? If you have then most likely you are in a situation that involves a reduction in your credit score. Many people in ...

Save Money with Consumer Credit Counselling

Many of us get into financial trouble, or at the very least over extended, and seek the help of experienced professionals or credit counseling. Often this is due to credit card interest rates and loan interest rates and late fee penalties that creates an ever spiraling trap that eventually leads to

First Credit Cards For College Students

College students usually do well with credit cards. College students and credit cards is usually something that parents consider when sending their young students away, because it keeps the new college students supplied with money in case any sort of need arises for it while away on campus.

Are You Being Sold Down the Debt River?

One of the credit world's painful surprises is a lender who suddenly hands your account off to a new owner. Typically this will happen because you have defaulted, but not always. When the new owner mistreats you there are ways to fight back.

The Credit Score Rating Scale and Your Borrowing Power

If you decide to look at your credit score, you might find all the numbers confusing. All numbers have their own purpose and you need to know how the credit score rating scale works so you can understand exactly what your credit score means to you and your ability to get loans and lines of credit.

Why Do Vendor Credit Accounts Take Too Long to Show Up on Your Business Credit?

You have worked hard and spent some money on getting vendor credit, net 30s and the like. You are also very careful not to check your D&B report too often because that might cause you to get red flagged. So why are your accounts not showing up. I know it can be frustrating since you want to move ont

0pr Credit Card - Why The Banks Bother

You just have to open your mailbox or switch on the TV to be bombarded by the all the advertising for 0% APR credit card deals. So, why do the big banks and financial institutions offer zero percent when they earn most of their profits from the interest you pay?

Gas Credit Cards

Never before has obtaining a gasoline credit card been a more sensible thing to do. The reasons are many but one of the most important reasons is that it allows you to use your car fuel expenses to apply towards building on your credit rating. Your credit rating is being looked at by more and more a

True Credit To Defend You With The Standing

True Credit reports can be very informative and they can help to end any confusion that a person had with their scores. A person can be able to get a copy of the report every ...

The Gold Double Standard

"EurasiaTrade": On the duplicity of global government policies. Ever wondered why, during the property booms in the US and the UK, there was a dearth of voices warning of the potential for a bubble to ...

Lost Or Stolen Credit Card Advice

If you have a credit card, then the chances are that sometime in your life you might either lose a card or have it stolen

Restore Your Credit For Free, It's Fast & Easy

Lately it is not uncommon for folks to have a few problems getting the bills paid on time, considering the loss of job and reduction in pay. Now that you are finally back on your feet you are wondering what you can do to repair the damage that your credit suffered.You have got plenty of company.

Steps to Recover From Financial Infidelity - Guidelines and Resources

If you wish to recover from financial infidelity here are guidelines and resources to help you.You need to make a plan and be ready to carry it out when you sit down with your spouse to admit you have been cheating with money.Making an amends is to apologize for your transgressions and to commit to

How to Get Credit History Information With Just a Name & Address

Keeping up to date with your credit history is important. Having a copy of your credit history enables you to check parts of the report that could be improved and to find, and rectify errors. Both will help to improve your credit score meaning a better chance of getting credit when you need it.