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Laboratory Director Job Description

A laboratory director is responsible for administering the day-to-day technical and scientific operations of a clinical environment. This includes the examination of data, the creation of reports, the management of staff and liaising with internal and external clients. Additionally, a laboratory dir

How to Write a Resume for Teaching

With the immense surge of people seeking further education, every capacity of the teaching profession is high demand. A teaching resume should be specific to the job type and age level that you are applying to teach. Here's how to write a teacher resume.

How to Find the Time a Laser Beam Light Is Inside of a Prism

In a vacuum, a laser beam travels at 3.0 --- 10^8 meters per second, which is the speed of all electromagnetic radiation in a vacuum. When it travels through matter, the beam travels more slowly, and denser substances limit it to lower speeds. The beam's speed through a prism depends on the material

Why Aiming Low Doesn't Work When it Comes to Jobs

He had the right degree from a respected university, years of experience in the industry and even once claimed the coveted corner office as his own. But, since being laid-off, this seasoned business executive could not understand why he wasn't landing the job - especially since he'd lowere

Land Surveyor Description

A land surveyor is a person trained to make measurements of the Earth's surface, and present such information in a variety of formats. Land surveyors belong to a larger category of surveyors--people responsible for studying land, airspace and bodies of water--and are instrumental in the field of geo

Smart Phone Etiquette - How Smart Are You?

Today's smart phones are both a blessing and a curse.On the one hand, they certainly have made business communications easier and faster.On the other hand, people have almost become lost in them.

How to Calculate the Mid Point of a Salary Range

One of the most common rules about a person's salary is that it's always commensurate with that person's experience. That being said, it usually means that a person with a moderate amount of experience at a job is likely to get a salary at the middle of the range for that job. It can also be used to

Interviewing Technical Candidates For Keeps

There is no service available to qualify candidates 100% for your specific role. It's crucial for your team to conduct their own technical assessment in order to understand if candidates are capable of working in your particular environment.

Employee Health Benefits

Most employees consider healthcare coverage the most important of all employee benefits. At the same time, it is an attractive benefit for many employers too. By pooling risk, business houses can buy health coverage much more cheaply than individuals. Tax benefits also ensure that healthcare is a ve

OSHA & Workplace Safety

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) exists to protect workers from dangers or unsafe conditions in the workplace. The Occupational and Safety Health Act, signed by President Richard Nixon in December 1970, became effective in April 1971, the official origin of the agency. Since

Salary for an IT Tech

Salaries for an information technology or IT technician vary depending on the nature of the work and the technician's geographical location. Network and computer system administrators manage a company's network connection and Internet access. Database administrators administer and implement a compan

How to File an Unemployment Appeal in Kentucky

For many who find themselves out of work in tough times, unemployment benefits mean the difference between dramatic and damaging personal struggle---losing a home, pulling the kids out of school---and getting by just well enough until things turn around. This lifeline is not guaranteed, however, and

What Is Personal Development Planning?

As the world moves forward in technology, communications and global relations, individuals must find a way to keep up with the changing pace. Personal development planning is a way to bring out a person's distinct characteristics and strengths. In doing so, individuals develop the skills needed to e

How Do Appearance and Behavior Affect Employment?

First impressions can be everything in the business world. How you look and act when you interview for a position or how you dress and behave in the workplace can significantly impact your employment prospects. Failing to value good behavior and a professional appearance can impact how effective you

Creatively Employed!

As a job seeker you are probably trying to determine how best to distinguish yourself in a very competitive job market. Maybe you're trying to think of a creative way to stand out. But you don't want to be so creative that you look ridiculous.

How to Create a Resume That Entices and Amazes Employers

Sometimes, job seekers spend hours or even days in an attempt to do a "perfect" resume that will satisfy them and the potential employers. They diligently search for websites that give helpful tips on how to craft an exceptional application document. Your self advertisement is your bargain

Information for a Security Audit Report

When conducting a security audit report, you should include several critical aspects, an analysis of existing physical infrastructure and of personnel procedures. In some instances, personnel procedures can inadvertently defeat some aspects of the physical security infrastructure facility.

Time and Attendance Software Can Save You Money

If you are business person, then saving money is probably something you are interested in. The more you save the more you keep, the more profit you will show. That's what time and attendance software can do you for you.

Important Details To Know About Food Handling Course

In the food industry, hygiene is paramount in ensuring that foodstuff is prepared and presented in the safest way feasible. In Australia there are two main courses that those interested in working in this industry ...