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Multiple Quilt Border Ideas

Once you have finished the quilt, a border around the outside edge provides a straight, finished edge. The border can be very plain of only one fabric or a decorative piece of several fabrics. Borders usually are the edge of the total quilt but borders can also surround each quilt block. The border

How to Make Stuffed Animals & Pillows

Homemade pillows and stuffed animals add pizazz to any decor. Just spend a little time with your sewing machine and you can bedeck your couch with colorful birds, spice up the bedroom with heart-shaped cushions or cozy up any room with some functional and elegant pillows. Your creations will also sh

How to Degrease Taxidermy

Taxidermy is an involved process that can yield realistic and long-lasting results when done correctly. Each stage is integral for its own reason, such as degreasing. Most animals produce natural oils and fats in order to maintain a smooth coat or shiny skin. These fats and oils are cleaned by the a

DIY Fabric Pom Poms

Make your own fabric pom poms to use on craft projects, decorate your home and fashion accessories, or add as the finishing touch to a wrapped gift. Fabric pom poms can be made using scraps of fabric left over from previous projects. Use one type of fabric for a solid pom pom or a variety of fabric

How to Photograph a Woman

For centuries, women have been the subject and inspiration for many pieces of artwork. From paintings to sculpture, there is a wealth of female muses that have influenced the world of art. When it comes to subject matter for photography, women are often the subject. If you are delving into the world

Fortune Cookie Art Project

No Chinese meal is complete without the fortune cookie at the end for dessert. These slightly sweet, slightly tangy crispy cookies are always filled with a slip of paper providing your "fortune" in the form of a proverb, lucky lotto numbers or words of wisdom. For a charming arts and crafts project,

How to Customize Superhero Masks

Superhero masks are a fun craft project for children, and can be customized by the child or a parent to create a unique superhero. The masks can be made from card stock, cardboard, foam sheets or felt. They can be decorated with markers, paint, or by gluing on shapes cut from paper, foam or felt. Wh

How to Clean Corny Kegs

A Cornelius keg is a canister that disperses a beverage. These are commonly used by soda manufacturers. This keg uses a CO2 regulator and tank, beverage setup and gas. The tanks are available to the public now that soda manufacturers have switched to boxed syrup. However, the kegs must be properly c

Directions for Bobbin Lace Pillows

Bobbin lace pillows are a key part of making bobbin lace. The firm pillow helps you shape the lace into interesting shapes with varying designs. One of the most recognizable bobbin lace pillows is the cookie shaped one. The cookie shaped pillows work well for round bobbin lace patterns such as doili

How to Get the Cross Necklace in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin for PS2

"Hitman 2: Silent Assassin" is a stealth-based shooting game released for the Sony PlayStation 2 in October 2002. You take on the role of Agent 47, a now-reformed clone previously trained for assassination who lives in a faraway monastery. At the beginning of the game, Father Vittorio leaves a silve

Directions for a Craft Lace Lanyard

Craft lace is a plastic 1/8-inch wide lace used to make numerous items such as lanyards, key-chains and bracelets. Numerous colors of craft lace are available in hobby and craft stores. The multitude of colors allows individuals to create individualized and unique lanyards for any occasion. Determin

Ideas for Painting Boxes

Painted boxes are a crafty way to hold photos, tissues, trinkets, jewelry, coupons, gifts or any other items. To decorate the box yourself, start with recycled cardboard boxes from home, craft paper mache boxes, facial tissue boxes or unpainted wood boxes. Use these creative painting techniques to p

Merit Badge Resources

For a Boy Scout, earning merit badges is a vital part of their advancement through the ranks as well as the expansion of what they know as young men. In order to decide on which merit badges they want to pursue and how to fulfill them, Scouts have many resources to draw from.

Video: Making a Valentine's Day Heart Wreath for Kids

Video Transcript in the clip I'm going to show you how to make a Valentine's wreath. I've started by tracing two circles on to some cardboard and a larger circle and then a smaller circle on the inside. We're going to cut these out and this is going to be the back of our wreath so it...

How to Shape an Object From Writing Paper With Lines

Most schoolchildren have likely owned a notebook with lined paper in it at some point. A fair number of those children have created objects from that paper. Paper airplanes are one of the most entertaining objects that can be made with lined paper. You can alter the design to see how it will affect

How to Do Short Rows on a 40-Peg Knitting Loom

Knitting is an art that has yielded gifts of blankets, pillows, socks and even dolls. Those who knit say that it's an easy hobby. For those with not so nimble fingers, however, knitting is difficult. The knitting loom is a round or square instrument with pegs designed to make it easy for almost anyo

Refinishing Solution for a Bathtub

If your bathtub is tarnished or just doesn't seem to match the rest of the bathroom, you can transform it into something beautiful by refinishing it with the appropriate coating. Before you begin, you should understand some critical points. Since bathtubs are nonporous, they cannot absorb the adhesi

How to Sew Dress Clothes for Girls

For everyday wear, little girls need clothes that they can play in. Special occasions, however, call for special dresses. Casual, unisex clothes are popular, though, and it can be difficult to find fancy dresses "off the rack." But if you can sew, you can create a dress that makes even a rough-and-t

How to Make Fogger Fluid

You can either buy fogger fluid, also called fog juice, or make it at home. While the homemade version of the juice contains fewer or different chemicals than the commercial juice, this make it no less effective. If you mix the ratios correctly you can create a fog that works well in your fogger whi