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One Reason Your Website Traffic Sucks

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The main reason that many websites get little to no traffic is because of the relevancy of their landing page sucks. As you may know, a big chunk of a website's traffic comes from organic searches, or in other words, from the search engine queries that people like you and me enter on a daily basis all over the world.

In essence, the higher you are in the search engine rankings for a certain keyword, the more traffic you can expect to receive to your website when someone types in that keyword in google.

Still, there are many factors that decide how high up you will be in the rankings, and also if, once arrived to your website, the visitors will stay or not.

This crucial element is what is known as landing page relevancy. The page visitors land on when they click on your link in the search engines must be closely related to what is found on your page when they land. if it isn't, they'll likely leave right away. What's more, if your landing page is not relevant, Google won't even place you high in the rankings because your page is seen as unworthy of providing enough information for that given keyword.

Google rewards those who provide the most information on a certain topic. A page that is 400 words in length and talks about "apples" just once will not rank before a webpage dedicated to all sorts of apples that is 1000 words in length. It is a simple concept, yet many forget to take it into consideration.

Ranking websites in the top 3 is how you make more sales and more money, but many businesses have a lot of trouble doing so.

In fact, many of them have no idea how to do this. Many of them aren't quite sure how to establish an online presence. There is a simple answer to all of that - and that is to leave it to the experts.

Experts are able to get your site and its pages ranked in a relatively short amount of time and get you added traffic that will increase sales for your business. 

Can't do it yourself? Find someone who can do it for you.
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