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How to Deal with a Hyper Bulldog

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    • 1). Walk your bulldog once a day. Bulldogs have naturally less energy than some breeds, but they still require the physical and psychological exercise a walk provides. Walking with your bulldog by your side teaches your bulldog to trust and respect you.

    • 2). Greet your bulldog when you enter your home in a calm manner. Always speak in a calm voice to your bulldog, especially when reprimanding it. Bulldogs react to peoples' energy; a high-energy atmosphere can create a high-energy, hyper bulldog.

    • 3). Spend time with your bulldog every day. Bulldogs require human companionship and may act destructive and hyper if they are lonely. Grooming and petting your bulldog can deepen your bond.

    • 4). Feed your bulldog a healthy alternative, low-carbohydrate food regularly. Processed dog food containing food coloring and high amounts of carbohydrates give bulldogs a burst of energy rather than muscle-building protein and vitamins. Organic dog food is an option, as are raw diets available at pet food stores.

    • 5). Introduce your bulldog to other dogs in a calm, safe atmosphere. A socialized bulldog will behave better around animals and people.

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