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Choosing a Degree That Will Make You Rich

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As a student or someone considering obtaining a degree or career change, you have a lot of options.
Unfortunately too many options can create uncertainty and confusion, but ultimately you want to select a career path that you will enjoy and allow you to make a healthy income.
Degree programs and particular schools are charged with recruiting as many people as possible to make their institution profitable.
That means you have the challenge of tuning out the marketing gimmicks and pay close attention to what is best for you.
Just because you have a degree does not mean you will make money or that you will enjoy your job.
For instance, you could spend years working towards a master's degree in social work.
Social workers, however, on average make a relatively low income.
On the other hand, you could spend many years studying to become a doctor or a lawyer, yet you may be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.
So not only do you have a stressful career that consumes every waking moment of your life, but you're deep in debt.
Meanwhile, there are people making six-figure incomes and enjoying what they are doing by earning a certificate in information technology or automotive mechanics.
Some people have an ability to motivate and make millions of dollars giving speeches as they travel the world.
The bottom line is that there are many options for you, and you'll want to closely assess your skills, interests and goals before you decide on a degree.
Your decision can make you a millionaire.
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