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Wheatgrass Instructions

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    • 1). Soak the wheat berries -- or wheat seeds -- in a glass jar in distilled water. Soak them overnight or for 12 hours. Drain the berries after soaking, and rinse them in fresh distilled water.

    • 2). Place the potting soil in one of the plant flats to about 1.5 inches deep. Water the soil, getting it good and moist, then allow it to drain out until the soil is still moist but not wet.

    • 3). Spread the wheat berries over the soil, making sure they touch. Avoid big spaces between the berries; the closer the berries, the more wheatgrass you'll grow.

    • 4). Water and allow to drain. The berries will need to be kept continually moist but not soaking. Place the tray of seeds in a warm room in indirect sunlight. Keep the temperature at about 70 degrees.

    • 5). Cover the tray with another plant tray turned upside down. Keep the berries in the dark until they've sprouted, in about five days.

    • 6). Water the berries daily by spraying them with water. Add fertilizer by including a pinch of kelp powder or sea salt to the water.

    • 7). When you see green shoots, uncover the tray and leave it uncovered. At this point, the sprouts need the indirect sunlight to develop chlorophyll.

    • 8). Continue to water daily until the wheatgrass is about 8 inches tall. Harvest the grass by cutting it close to the soil with a clean pair of scissors. Juice the grass in either a manual or electric wheatgrass juicer.

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