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How to Make a God Card Deck in "Yu-Gi-Oh"

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    • 1). Put three copies each of Nimble Momonga, Giant Germ, Treeborn Frog and Destiny Hero Malicious into your deck. Each of these cards can special summon monsters to the field. Cards that special summon monsters to the field are useful because they help you attain the three tributes necessary to summon one of your God cards more quickly.

    • 2). Put a copy of Marshmallon and Spirit Reaper into your deck. These monster cards are useful because they cannot be destroyed in battle. Use Marshmallon and Spirit Reaper to block your opponent's attacks and also as tributes to summon your God cards.

    • 3). Place approximately 15 spell cards into your deck. Good candidates include Monster Reborn, Brain Control and Change of Heart because they allow you to take control of monsters and tribute them to summon your God cards. Swords of Revealing Light and Scapegoat are also useful because they prevent your opponent's monsters from attacking you directly.

    • 4). Place approximately 10 trap cards that can be used to destroy your opponent's monsters into your deck. Examples of effective monster-destroying trap cards include Mirror Force and Trap Door.

    • 5). Place additional monster cards into your deck so that it contains at least 40 cards, which is the minimum your deck must have according to "Yu-Gi-Oh!" official rules. Powerful four-star monsters like Vorse Raider and Gemini Elf are good candidates because they do not require tributes to summon and have high attack power.

    • 6). Place one copy each of Slipher the Sky Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor and The Winged Dragon of Ra into your deck.

    • 7). Shuffle your deck together. You are now ready to compete against other players using your God card deck.

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