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Play school activities

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A Pre-school or a play school refers to schools for very young children, that is, those below 3 or 3 1/2 years of age in India, preceding formal compulsory education. Play Schools are gaining popularity in India in today's scenario where nuclear families are becoming more common in cities and towns. Both the parents will go to work and the young children cannot be left at home alone. Play Schools helps parents to overcome this difficulty. They are a boon to working parents.

In the play school the kids can have a lot of play activities like the following.

- Ramp It: Create a variety of ramps with blocks. Roll a small ball down the ramps. Which incline makes the ball roll slower?

-Mirror Images: Provide a table-top three-way mirror. Children build with small blocks in front of the three-way mirror. The children learn to use the reflections in their design

- Brain Games - Game like Rubik's Cube and Sudoku that will challenge their brain.

. - Roads, Train Tracks, and Tunnels: Provide blocks to create roads or train tracks for miniature cars or trains. Cut round boxes in half to create tunnels for them to travel through.

- Math Games - Games that will teach your kids math with great games.

- Reading Games - Games that will hone your child's reading skills, which are very important.

- Bible Games - Game that will teach your kids more about the Bible.

- Chain Reaction: Remember how you stacked dominoes for a chain reaction?  You stood them on end, side by side, and then touched one to set off a rippling line of tumbling dominoes. Your child can do the very same thing with blocks if you provide 20 or more of the same size.

- History Games - These games will open up the world of history and make it fun.

- Science Games - Science can be great fun, and science games can teach your kids more about science.

- Board Games - Great family fun that can be educational too.

- Music Games - Teaching kids more about music while they play an exciting game.

- Geography Games - Games that teach kids more about the world they are living in.

- Spelling Games - You can prepare your kids for spelling tests at school with these fun and exciting games.

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