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How to Remove Squirrel Pests in a Garden

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    • 1). Shake out 1/4 cup of blood meal into a measuring cup. Apply the blood meal, a natural squirrel repellent, to each plant stem in your garden.

    • 2). Purchase predator urine spray such as the urine of foxes or bobcats. Spray it on the trees, grass, plants, and anywhere you've seen squirrels digging. This will effectively remove the squirrels from your garden, because they won't consider it a safe place anymore.

    • 3). Put on rubber gloves and protective eyewear. Fill your blender halfway with hot red peppers. Grind them in the blender until they reach the consistency of a fine powder. Add an equal part of water or dormant oil spray to your blender, and blend again until the chili pepper powder and liquid combine. While water works fine, oil will allow the spray to stay longer on plants.

    • 4). Pour the solution into a spray bottle, and spray plants, trees, grass, and the perimeter of your yard. The spray will act as a natural squirrel deterrent.

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