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Improve Self-Esteem With Online Business

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At 43 I clean houses for a living.
You'd think at my age with a teaching degree and a masters degree that I'd be teaching at a university or a high school some where.
Also, with my very successful high school and college competitive sports career that I'd be a top earner in a corporation or some great coach.
Even with all these successes early in my life, I kept being drawn to low paying work and feeling like a nobody, not worth much to anyone, not even myself.
I have been an entrepreneur for about 15 years now, making and selling handmade candles at craft shows, wholesale business and other retail outlets.
House cleaning has been about a two year effort.
I haven't felt worth being paid very much and my savings show it.
I have had several attempts of self-improvement and have changed my whole philosophical view of life.
While these shifts have given me a lot of growth and renewed interest, something still has been lurking inside that has kept me from achieving any realized personal or financial success.
My esteem and confidence have been a constant pitfall for me.
When I visited my sister and her husband Rick this past summer, I got to hang out with Rick who is a real estate agent.
Being around him for two weeks and seeing his passion and desire and motivation got me thinking that I wanted a life like that.
He loves his work, feels good about himself, and loves helping others make their dreams come true.
He also makes a great income for his efforts.
He had the formula that I wanted to copy in my life; find something you love to do and get paid well for your efforts.
So here's what I did shortly after my vacation.
I went online to search for some kind of work, because I really did like the idea of working from home and on my computer.
I spent the next couple of days looking and I found one business and bought into it.
My sponsor recommended that I write down the top 20 reasons that I wanted this kind of work and what my goals were.
So I did.
Here they are: 1.
I wanted a non-physical type of job 2.
I wanted to be independent of all bosses 3.
The work has to be dynamic and fluid and always changing (in fact, I had just sent emails to 3 of my friends telling them I was looking for a different type of work, and in one of them I specifically said this next kind of work has to be totally fluid, enjoyable and passionate) 4.
I wanted to travel and go places that I have only heard people talk about but have been unable to afford 5.
I wanted the time to travel 6.
I wanted to work from home using the computer or cell phone (I actually just got a cell phone about one month ago and an EMAC at the same time) 7.
I wanted to have work that would succeed or fail from my own efforts and not be paid hourly 8.
I wanted to have access to a greater population than local work 9.
I wanted to work or be in contact or get to know people who are highly self-motivated and independent and willing to work with their best efforts for themselves and others.
I wanted to work in an area that would challenge me in my communication skills and self-worth and put me in a position to grow and try new things 11.
I wanted to make 2-3x the amount of money with half the amount of effort 12.
I wanted to make $1000 x $1000 13.
I wanted more freedom in my time and less hassle with concern about finances 14.
I want to make more money than I even thought would be possible for me 15.
With this specific work, one sale per month will already almost double my income 16.
I wanted more security in my future financial ability to continually create more income without all the effort and concern of doing a retirement plan, plus be able to do it until the day I die.
I wanted something that I could grow into and not have to be burdened with limitations on how much I could make or how I made it or someone telling me what to do and how to do it.
I wanted more money for personal use and to enjoy with others.
I wanted something I could still continue with my current work and allow me to explore other interests 20.
I want to enjoy life and the process with friends and family and have the financial ability to do things with them and go places that on my current level of income I could not.
Quickly though I discovered this business really wasn't the work that I felt truly drawn to, so I got a refund and started looking again.
But having done the process of writing my 20 goals and desires, I was able to more easily find a closer match to what I really wanted.
A couple of months went by and I found another business site.
The more I read it, the more I was drawn to find out more.
My low self-esteem was telling me that I could not be successful at a business on my own, but that with a system in place and an already proven track record, I could make this work.
I made the application and figured it was worth that much to find out more.
It took me a month and a half after I made the application to purchase the product and start my own business.
I knew there would be a lot to learn because I had never done marketing before.
I had so many fears getting started that all I could do was listen to the training.
But because this business has such a great system in place, I was able to learn quickly and move forward past my fears.
The system has proven to work for others, why not me, and all I had to do was use what was there, ask questions, and actually start marketing.
It's only been about 2 months since I've gotten started, but with the support and advice of those who work with me and who want me to be successful, I have overcome many of my fears and I now feel like I am worth something.
I feel like I can accomplish marketing, like I can talk with people, like I can figure out how to write articles and market a product that is really a valuable educational tool.
I have learned how to keep asking questions when I don't understand something.
I have learned that the things I think are important, education and self-improvement, actually can make a difference in my life and others as well.
I can live a more balanced and personally and financially successful life thanks to this great business opportunity.
If you're fighting the low self-confidence demon like I had been, then find an outlet greater than yourself to motivate you to grow.
Your confidence and esteem will grow as you achieve the things you never thought you could do.
You can discover your own confidence and self-worth with a business that will challenge and support and educate you through all your ups and downs.
It's worth your time to check it out.
You may find that not only your self-esteem will improve, but also your financial records as well.
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