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Stop Puppy Barking

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Stop puppy barking right from the beginning.
Never allow your new puppy to get the idea that by making a noise he will attract your attention.
He will eventually give up trying if he realises that you do not respond to him barking.
It is a natural instinct for a small animal to call out if they are distressed or feel afraid.
You will have to be very patient in training your puppy to stop barking.
Never lose your temper or show the puppy that you are annoyed with him.
Always remain calm and he will begin to react positively to you.
If you are keeping your pup in a pen or crate, keep it in an area where he can see or hear you, so that he does not feel totally abandoned while he is coping with getting accustomed to confinement.
This will help your new pet become calmer and less stressed, which will result in less barking and noise making.
When you approach the new puppy that is still in confinement, have a small treat for it so that it will not feel abandoned.
Remember to give the pet time for exercise out of confinement.
By keeping the puppy happy it will not feel the need to make a noise to attract your attention.
Never react positively to the puppy's barking - in other words if he barks to go out, don't immediately let him out.
If he barks to go for walks, delay the walk for a while until he calms down.
He will begin to realize that by barking he does not necessarily get his own way.
Always make sure that your puppy has chewable toys to entertain him so that he will not get bored and feel lonely.
If he does feel alone, he will bark to draw attention to himself.
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