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Edwardian Style Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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    Color Palette

    • The color scheme of Edwardian bedrooms is crisp and cheerful. It's common to see rooms decorated in soft shades of blue, pink, yellow, cream, purple or green. Edwardian colors were often more feminine in nature, choosing light pastels over rich, saturated colors. This color scheme can be incorporated into your bedroom design with paint treatments, wallpaper, bedding, curtains, area rugs, pillows and upholstered furniture.

    Furniture Styles

    • The furnishings of the Edwardian era were elegant and refined, but not as stuffy and delicate as those of the Victorian era. The period also saw the introduction of traditional outdoor materials being brought indoors, such as bamboo or wicker pieces. These materials can be used as headboards or as side tables, adding to the more casual and comfortable quality of Edwardian style, relative to those that preceded it. In the bedroom, wingback chairs will work well alongside a wooden reading table.


    • Lighting plays an important role in Edwardian-inspired design. Natural light from windows and skylights can illuminate the space. Avoid putting heavy drapery on the windows, choosing instead to frame the windows with simple lace or sheer panels. In a bedroom space, create a cozy and intimate atmosphere with decorative lamps on night tables flanking the bed or with dramatic overhead chandeliers. Soft candle light can also be used to create ambiance on nightstands or in sconces.

    Art and Accessories

    • Victorian era art and accessories remained common during the Edwardian era, including floral-inspired work, plus intricately made lighting fixtures and vases. However, unlike the Victorian era--which was littered with tchotchkes and delicate art--the Edwardian style was much less cluttered. To achieve this style in your bedroom, try to leave surfaces such as dresser tops and night tables only mildly decorated and avoid combining too many different prints and patterns. Also avoid accenting with excessive pillows or throw blankets.

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