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Where Is Puerto Rico?

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Puerto Rico is a beautiful island located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of the British Virgin Islands.
A U.
territory, Puerto Rico is a favorite vacation destination for many U.
citizens who love the offerings of sun and beach, besides the varied landscapes.
Offerings Due to the numerous delightful offerings there, the government is very proactive in promoting the island through various tourism deals for visitors.
It is comprised of six regions which conform with any kind of travel plans.
Every region has distinct characteristics to delight all groups of visitors.
This tourism centers are found strategically on the island to assist tourists during their visits.
The pleasant climate offers fun in the sun on the beautiful sandy beaches.
The more adventurous may want a travel adventure in the mountains where hiking and climbing activities are abundant.
There is deep sea fishing, diving, surfing and many water sports activities which are promoted by the Tourism Company.
Special Delights There is no language barrier when one makes these travel plans, as English is widely spoken with Spanish as the island's official language.
citizens do not need to change their currency as the U.
dollar is its official currency.
Hence, when U.
citizens take on a travel deal, they find it very convenient.
Puerto Rico's first inhabitants lived in 2000 BC, and their culture is still actively practiced and widely promoted there to allow visitors a glimpse into their beautiful traditions.
The island's unofficial mascot is the coquí, a small tree frog local only to Puerto Rico.
It gives out a distinct "ko-kee" sound heard almost everywhere in Puerto Rico.
One of famous delights of this travel is to be able to enjoy the splendid rum that is produced on the island.
Seventy percent of U.
rum is produced here.
This tourism does not need to do much to promote this specialty as it is already known around the world.
Every tourist that visits there purchases a bottle or more to take back home.
Interesting Sights One of the interesting sights there is the largest radio telescope in the world.
Located across an amazing 20 acres of lush green folliage, this awesome equipment was used to detect and take images of asteroids.
It can also accurately predict an asteroid collision with Earth.
There are also tourism tours available to this facility.
Other interesting sights here on the island include the 19th century Hacienda Buena Vista coffee plantation and El Yunque, the only U.
serviced tropical rainforest that can be found on any Puerto Rico travel itinerary.
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