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The Male Chastity Lifestyle and Five Secrets to Making it Work For You

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The male chastity lifestyle is not all fun and games.
In fact, you or your man, or perhaps both of you might even be a little bit disappointed that your life isn't suddenly perfect.
And there are three very good reasons for this:
  1. The trials and tribulations of real life continue just as they always have.
    You still have work, bills to pay, the daily grind to get through.
    This won't change simply because your penis is locked away and you can't have an orgasm.
  2. When we want something we focus on it and its perceived importance in our lives grows out of proportion to its real importance.
    Imagine a greyhound chasing a rabbit: that dog has nothing in its mind other than catching that damned rodent, but in the grand scheme of things, it's a very small thing.
    Now imagine your man has been dreaming of male chastity for years and years and you'll get some idea of how out of proportion it may have become.
  3. Whenever we get something new that we've worked for in our lives, our happiness increases, but only temporarily.
    It soon sinks back to where it was.
    This is because it seems we humans have a natural "happiness thermostat" and unless you reset that, any other changes won't have a long-term effect.
So what tends to happen is after the initial thrill and buzz, you tend to fall back into your old routines.
And that frequently means your man is horny and you're ignoring him.
This is no different from how it is in most relationships anyway, if truth be told, but now it's even worse because he's hornier than ever and you're not supposed to be ignoring him! You probably don't need me to tell you the natural reaction to this from both parties is resentment, grumpiness, disappointment, frustration and, as often as not, anger.
Since male chastity is supposed to improve your relationship, I think it's going to serve us well to have strategies to handle these natural and perhaps even inevitable bumps in the road without resorting to arguments and fights.
So here are five simple strategies to help make it easier on both of you:
  1. Don't assume your partner necessarily understands what you're upset or grumpy about or understands the problem.
    One of the biggest causes of destructive emotions, arguments and probably even divorces is we assume others think, feel and understand things exactly the same way we do.
    Talking openly about what's upsetting you is the first important step.
  2. Accept you may both have different standards and understandings for male chastity.
    Both of you may need to negotiate change your expectations so you're both getting as much of what you want as well as giving the other what they want.
    For example, when you say to her, "I want you to have complete control of my orgasms", realise this to her might mean, "you don't ever have to let me orgasm again", whereas to you it might mean, "so long as you don't leave it too long!".
  3. Tackle the problem together.
    Negotiating a new approach to male chastity jointly and by agreement, rather than trying to impose a set of rules (your rules, naturally), is going to get much better results for both of you.
    If your wife wants to make you wait two months between orgasms but you think you'd be genuinely unhappy with fewer than one orgasm a month, then something has got to give.
    Maybe you can have one period of two months, followed by a periods of one month, and so on.
  4. Don't take it all personally: with rare exception your partner isn't doing things "wrong" to annoy, frustrate, disappoint or "punish" you.
  5. Don't blame.
    We all tend to make the best decisions we can based on what we know, think and feel at the time.
    While your partner might do something you find annoying or even "wrong", he or she has done it for what to him or her very good reasons.
    You're both going to enjoy male chastity a lot more if you put yourself into your partner's position and try to see things from his or her perspective.
Remember, the male chastity lifestyle is about bringing you closer and improving your lives.
So if it's going to work for you as a couple, it's got to work for both of you individually, too.
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