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Can You Really Advertise On Google Adwords For Free?

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You need to be really careful when you read what people say on the internet especially if they are trying to sell something. So when I was told that you could place your adverts on Google Adwords for free I was more than skeptical.

Mind you, I know there are many people making a bucketload of money on the internet, and then there are the gurus who tell you they are and spend all their time trying to peddle the latest internet story to their list. So when one of these money-makers comes out of the woodwork it is worth listening but take everything they say with a pinch of salt.

Now out of the depths of New York comes a doctor who says he has been advertising on Google Adwords for free - to the tune of $87 Million in Google Pay-Per-Click Ads FREE! And that as a result he has been able to make a fortune. No one has ever heard of this guy but he has been quietly making money a lot of money for years.

No more worries about the cost of your Ads

Just imagine it. There you are with a new product to sell. You know what keywords to advertise under, you have roughed out a few ads, and you are ready to go. But the top bid is around $3.00, and you don't want to spend more than $1.00, otherwise you will not make any money. Then you find that a bid of $1.00 will put you on 23rd position, which will be seen by hardly anyone. Obviously, this market is too competitive.

Not if you use Doctor John's method. You bid $3.15, knowing in advance that you will not have to spend any money on that ad. You clean up, getting loads of impression, high click-through rate, and loads of sales every day.

Is this the Holy Grail of Advertising, the Nirvana of Google or what? But is it really possible? Surely, this guy is pulling a fast one. Well, let's see what he says. First he points out that he has been quietly amassing a fortune on the internet for nine years and has owned 16 internet businesses. So he has been around, and he has obviously made a lot of money and he gives proof. Sammy Robbins, a user of his system says she earned $6,600 in one day, and several other people you've never heard of (a good sign) say that they have made it work.

Here is what Dr John says:

This system and what it involves has nothing to do with AdWords' and/or AdSense' credits or vouchers, nor the direct provision by Google any direct free advertising at anytime; nor any free pay-per-click or otherwise paid-for advertising directly; nor is it a magical code or script that blocks your webpage from being charged by Google or anyone else. But rather this is a system that if applied correctly, properly and effectively, and as instructed by its creator, allows for the elimination of the burden of costs pertaining to a customer's pay-per-click and otherwise paid-for advertising expenses. It can even create several flooding streams of income pouring money directly into your pocket very quickly!

Then, he says:

You CAN now set your daily budget as high as you want to go (and thereby be assured of having ONLY the BEST *TOP PREMIUM* positions at all Search Engines -- these are the color ribbon areas over the organic results everybody sees first!) But DON'T worry as you'll never pay for a single day of pay-per-click advertising regardless of how high you set your budget!
Well, if you have been struggling with your Adwords ads, then you have got to know more. So I have investigated this system fully, and here is what I found:

1.This is no scam.This is a method you can use so your advertising effectively costs you nothing.

2.It works with any form of PPC advertising, such as Google Adwords, Kanoodle, MSN, MIVA, Yahoo Search, or any other one you like.

3.It is perfectly legal, and in fact Google and others are quite happy for this system to be used because they make more money from it.

4.There are two things you need to do to make this a success:

A) Write good Ads. Actually this is not so difficult so long as you study the Ads that are doing well on the keyword of your choice.

B) Bid on only the most targeted keywords. For example, if you are selling or preselling car navigation systems don't bid on cars, bid on XYZ car navigation, XYZ GPS system and so on where XYZ is the product name.

C)Bid higher than the competition so you get the top position for that Ad. 5.You don't need any technical knowledge to use this system.

For example, Google shows you how to place your ads, and even suggests keywords for you. You can use Google to find keywords but remember to use only the ones are directly related to your product. You will get the rest of the information you need to make this work in the product.

I can't tell you what the secret is, but I can tell you that this is a genuine system that applied correctly will allow you to use Pay-per-Click advertising at no cost. Yes, you will be able to bid without worrying about the cost, and if you have anything like a decent product you can make a ton of money. If your product is no good, just advertise some of the great products around as an affiliate and you will make money.

Do I recommend John Cohen's system for getting Google Adwords free? Yes, I do unreservedly. But excuse me, I need to go and get the system working and get my new Ads up on Google.
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