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This tip works great for WordPress platform sites.
It may work for other types as well but I have not tried it for any others.
I recently was faced with a challenge for one of my offline clients.
They wanted some photos and bios added to their website but the webmaster they hired was no longer available due to complications I won't get into here.
Let's just say I was on my own and had to figure it out.
This is where I end up doing something that I refer to as "a work around.
" There's more than one way to get to Rome and sometimes you just have to get there whatever way you can.
I don't know about you, but I don't really know how to write a lot of HTML code to get things formatted on the page the way people want them.
It's just not my area of expertise.
Now don't get me wrong I've built several websites and I can do enough to get by but the fancy shmancy stuff requires more experience than I've acquired so far.
Have your ever slept on something and wake up in the night with a crazy idea that just might be the solution? Well, that's what happened.
I woke up at something like 3am with a lightbulb burning inside my head.
"It just might work", I thought.
You know what? I did it and it did work! Eureka! I thought I just have to share this with folks because it's a quick and easy solution to a problem I bet others have too.
Here's how it works: • Find a site with a layout that you like and want to model after • Right click while viewing the page and click on "Open Source" in the dropdown menu • When you see the page open up with all the HTML code right click again and then click on select all • When it is all highlighted you can then right click again and click copy • Then open up a Word doc and paste it in • Now you just change the content to your content while leaving the code the same Note: NEVER copy anyone else's content, photos or graphics without their express permission! • If there are photos involved you can just change the url for the location of the ones you want inserted in the post • Once you have changed all the content and photo URLs to yours you can then right click and select all then right click and select copy • Go to your WP-admin of your domain and load or create the page where you want to create this format and click paste • Preview it before publishing it to make sure you have everything in there correctly • Then publish and Viola! The layout should look the same as the site you modeled it after but with your content This worked extremely well for formatting the page with the photos and bios, with a couple of minor tweaks like I justified the photos to the left instead of the right, etc.
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