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Jobs for Safety Professionals

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    Safety Education Requirements

    • Proper education and training is a standard requirement for most jobs in the safety profession. Because of the serious nature of the job responsibilities, positions must be filled by individuals with the training to recognize problems and potential issues. Most industries also prefer applicants with hands-on training and prior experience in the field. The high-level responsibility of employee and public safety leaves little room for error and misjudgment that can accompany inexperience.

    Safety Professional Outlook

    • With employee and workplace safety of greater concern than ever, the job outlook for safety professionals can only improve. More and more employers are recognizing that safety professionals help lower overall operating costs by protecting employee safety and eliminating injuries, damaged equipment and loss of tools and inventory.

    Construction Safety Manager

    • A construction safety manager works to implement safety, health and environmental programs at construction sites. According to OSHA regulations, he will conduct periodic site visits to monitor and assess the need for implemented safety programs. The construction safety manager advises on all occupational safety and health issues to minimize financial liabilities of the company as well as human suffering associated with work-related injuries, illness and natural disasters.

    Transportation Safety Manager

    • The transportation safety manager works in the transportation field, which may include trucking fleets, public transportation, railroad, water or air transportation. Individuals in this job work to oversee the development and support of employee safety practices and procedures designed to protect cargo and travelers. This position is responsible for maintaining compliance with federal, state and local laws including those of the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation. Logs for employee hours and trips are maintained and reviewed for adherence to labor laws and safety procedures. A transportation safety manger also works with corporate and local management on incident investigations and reports of employee injuries and vehicular incidents within the fleet and transportation facilities.

    Warehouse Safety Manager

    • A warehouse safety manager works in a warehouse setting or distribution center environment to ensure that all regulations and codes are maintained throughout the environment and all levels of production. This role ensures that warehouse equipment meets current safety regulations, and that all equipment and tools are used correctly by employees. The warehouse safety manager monitors work conditions to revise indoor air quality for employees, labor overages and any apparent fire hazards or concerns.

    Additional Safety Job Concerns

    • Additional job responsibilities in any field include the proper care and maintenance of all facilities and equipment. Any areas which will be used by employees or customers must be safe and free of hazards at all times. In addition, equipment such as fire extinguishers, elevators, hard hats, gloves and ergonomic devices must be available and in good working order.

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