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How to Make a Planet Ceiling

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    • 1). Move as much furniture as you can out of the room, and lay drop sheets over as much as the floor as possible. The drop sheets will catch paint that inevitably drips from the ceiling.

    • 2). Pour some black ceiling paint into a paint tray, and plunge in your paint rollers. Paint the ceiling using broad, sweeping strokes to prevent creating bubbles or too much dripping. Follow the paint manufacturer's specific instructions in regard to drying time and coating.

    • 3). Stick some glow-in-the-dark plastic stars all over the ceiling after the paint has dried. These little stars may be purchased at virtually any craft store and can be applied with sticky putty.

    • 4). Lay some newspaper down at a work space. You will use this work space to make the planets.

    • 5). Paint the Styrofoam balls a variety of colors to create planets. You may paint them whatever color you like. Or, research the various planets of the solar system so you can match the colors and sizes appropriately.

    • 6). Twist the pointed end of a screw hook into one of the Styrofoam planets. Tie some fishing line to the hook, and hang the planet from the ceiling with some tape. Repeat this process with all the other planets.

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