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Strategies to Overcome Depression

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Depression is a disease of the modern world most widely distributed and produced in different societies and cultures.

Especially in the Western world where happiness is sought more from everything outside the human being obtaining: titles, honors, possessions, status, dependence on others, etc.., Depression settles more easily.

According to studies of the World Health Organization (WHO), in the world exist about near to twenty-one millions of persons who suffer this psychological critical problem where the patient loses felt to live and of not receiving help can end in serious vascular-brain diseases, in the death or in the suicide. For this reason for example, every forty seconds in the world a person takes the decision to take the life from him.

And there are people who use this serious mood to enter the world without return of addictions like: snuff, alcohol, drugs and hallucinogens.

The depression has multiple reasons and generally it is the result of a supported thought accompanied of searing emotions that have his more waves roots in fatidical or traumatic events through that the person lived before 18 years.

These events can change from: the sexual abuse, the psychological mistreatment, the abandon, the loss of a dear being and the denial of opportunities.

Nevertheless in certain human temperaments the depression establishes itself easier. Especially in those of melancholy or introverted type and slightly communicative that prefer living silently through the painful recollections of a senseless life.

On the other hand also exist other factors that influence determinedly and drive to the depression in the modern society as the bad habits of life, between them: intensive stress, permanent noise, sedentary,poor diet leading to vascular-brain diseases, lack of relaxation, the late nights, bad company, resistance to change, broken dreams, alcohol, drugs, snuff and poor spiritual life.

Also exist external reasons that can lead to depression of not being treated in time like: the loving disillusions, repeated disappointments, a material or physical loss, a pace of very intensive work and emotions not solved between them the lack of love and of pardon.

Current studies show that in ten years, the depression will have turned into the second reason of disability, over the accidents of traffic and much more destructive than the vascular-brain accidents or the pulmonary diseases.

The types of depression change according to the degree of frequency and complexity that they have, for which exist three definite categories that mark the different types of disorder that the patient suffers:

1. Ordinary or Chance Depression:
That is the one that a person suffers for reasons and extraordinary circumstances as a loss of health, the loss of a work or the failure of a project.

2. Frequent Depression or Recurrent:
That is that suffers the patient of repeated form due to strong experienced emotions and that has not managed to recycle like: the loss of a dear being, a loving disillusion, an accident that has affected one or several parts from his body of permanent form. And in partly this type of depression appears of habitual form because the person who suffers it continues exposed to the facts or persons who affect his psychological well-being. Since in case of a child or an adult minor that they coexist with alcoholic or schizophrenic parents.

3. Two-Pole Disorder or Depressive Maniac:
Characterized by sudden changes of temperament in the patient and it can happen from phases of spirit euphoric or raised in a moment determined to phases of low or depressed spirit. This type of depression is considered to be a psychotic clinical very serious pathology that needs typattention and care of a professional psychiatric obligatory doctor.

As for the types of depression one and two that are frequent in human beings with psychological normal conditions we can say that we all on some moment of life have experimented painful moments and disappointments that seem to drown our plans and right to have a well-being, but the biggest problem that gives origin to the depression is to turn these situations and the recollections lived as mental and emotional permanent experiences that color and define the present and the future.

And though the psychological help is important in these cases to go out of this condition, since in case of consulting a specialist in psychology or psychiatry, it is necessary to attack the problem from four areas of influence that the human being has to live: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Each of these parts compose a percentage on the stability of life in any human being and to disregard them or to ignore them it can cause catastrophic consequences.

Let's examine with more thoroughness what happens in moments of depression in each of them:

1. Spiritual:
Being the man a spiritual being for nature that looks for meeting and company with his creative being, in the moment in which the person gets depressed deeply this link of life it fractures and they do not meet outputs for the problems and the past turns into a door of steel that allows neither live in the present nor to expect for anything from the future. Therefore for many the decision at this moment is or to stay away from the reality and to avoid it acceding to the sedatives and tranquilizers or to the vices as the alcohol, the tobacco and the drugs or taking the fatal decision to finish with his life.

2. Mental:
Mind is like a cinema where permanently the images and the lived scenes receive life, and where man test oral arguments and where are discussed facts did in the past, present and future in first, second and third person. According to the PNL (Neurolinguistic Programming) science that studies the success and his models, the human beings have a director system the, who is that sense by which every one process with major force the events of his life. This does that some persons process the information internally by means of colouring images, others prefer the sounds and discuss with internal words everything what happens and exists another group that is orientated more towards the taste, the tact and the emotions.

Nevertheless all persons have a combination of these factors. Though it predominates in their minds over their ways of remembering facts and the situations from their director system.

The mind in persons who have trend to the depression is very careless because it gives great content to the negative happened experiences using their director system and they want to change the present and the future from the facts of the past, which is totally impossible because what happened in a difficult moment cannot be changed.

But it is possible to do this changing the mental interpretation of the circumstances that happened.

In the ancient wisdoms of East there is had the concept of which the mind is like a mad goat that of not controlling itself and to be fed by the suitable information can destroy in short time his owner. And nothing more certain than this specially because the unconscious part or subconscious of the mind is a program of acts, thoughts and intense vivid emotions that executes actions in any person and that forces to continue doing them.

3. Emotional:
Emotions since we have said previously they are thoughts tied to sensations, and have such influence in life of the human being that from a chosen or experienced emotion the acts of a person can determine in a lot of time and probably for the whole life if the lived experience is reinforced. Specially with the recollections since it happens clearly with the persons that enter in a chronic depression.

Though we receive many stimuli of the way, the man is not a slave who produces emotions from the situations that the exterior world forces him. But it can choose agree some for his growth and happiness and reject others that disturb, frighten and destroy him
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