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Ways to Burn Calories

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Looking for ways to burn calories as part of our exercise routing is sometimes. For a few of us exercise is a four letter word. Some of us really love to do it and it becomes a passion. But it does not have to be that horrible event that we dread. It is part of our weight loss routine and that is where many of us fail.
Exercise can be fun not running on a treadmill for an hour or climbing stairs until your legs feel like jelly, the kind of exercise that have you saying never again as ways to burn calories.
You can get fit and shapely by doing what you love to do. Some of us love cleaning our homes and it does not seem like exercise especially when you sit back at the end of it and enjoy your achievement.
A good dose of vacuuming on a Saturday can relieve stress and is just as good as a run. My neighbours always know when I am cleaning house the music is at its loudest. So dance while cleaning the carpet or mopping the floor, you will be surprised at the amount of calories you use.
In these financially challenged days, and being on the lookout for ways to burn calories by exercising, we have to start from where are. Nothing would be nicer to buy the latest outfit and walk into the gym ready for action. But the gym membership does not come cheap and the outfit - well not lets go there.
Therefore let's start from where we are. Housework is never done is the saying and they are not wrong. Cleaning the house does count in the league of calories busters. You only need to use up 3500 calories a week that is 500 a day to lose one pound of fat a week, and some household chores can burn as much calories as going to the gym for a workout.
For example you will burn 250 calories cleaning the bathroom and 350 washing the floor.
316 calories are consumed in one hour washing the car, and vacuuming uses up 160.

Do you have a garden that need a bit of tender loving care? Weed and looking after the plant and you will use over 200 in one hour. Mowing the lawn, use the push mower and 120 calories will be in the grass to be thrown away.

Baking and Ironing uses 260 and 120 calories in that order while it takes 450 calories making the bed every day for a month.

Starting from where you are is no bad thing. As you see staying at home and exercise can be rewarding. Doing this regularly will keep you fit and healthy and your house will be neat and tidy.

Remember to lose one pound of fat each week you need to burn 3500 calories. So be careful how you treat yourself after all that housework. Do not undo all that hard work.

Stay within your daily calories and record in your treat for the day.
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