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Increase Your Sales With Special Offers

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Vouchers can be a great incentive to attract new customers, encourage existing customers to buy more, or to increase the sales value, but to do all this they must be used in the right way. As with any marketing strategy, incentives can backfire and put potential customers off, so it's important that you think carefully and make it worthwhile for people to use your vouchers, not to mention straightforward and hassle-free.

If you want to attract new custom, your special offer should overcome the obstacles that might normally put someone off from using your product or service. For example, if you're quite expensive offer an introductory price so that people can try you out and see exactly what they get for their money. If your products are unusual, a free sample can let people test them and see how good they are. Your offer should build brand awareness, make people remember you and encourage them to try something new.

For existing customers you have to think differently. These are people who are already willing to use your company, so introductory prices don't apply. You need to offer them something that complements the way they already use you. For example, if you sell a lot of one particular item, there's no point offering money off it, because people are already willing to pay the full price. Existing customers need to be encouraged to use different areas of your business. For example, if you have a brand new product you can give them ten percent off it to try to build sales quickly. Money off complementary products to go with what they already buy can make them spend more with you.

You can tailor your special offers for existing customers if you have an email database. Instead of having to print hundreds of leaflets that are exactly the same, you can create a range of offers based on the product or service that people buy, and send out the relevant email to different people. For example, if someone only ever gets their hair cut in your salon, offer them money off hair products. If another person gets regular manicures, offer 2 for 1 on nail polishes.

To increase the sales value, offer a discount if customers spend over a certain amount. This makes spending more seem worthwhile, and people might buy things to treat themselves since they get the products discounted.

Remember that you should never make your special offer a hassle for people to use. For example, don't set the minimum spend too high as this could put people off instead of encouraging them to spend more. Don't have a very short date during which people can use the money off voucher; make it available to them whenever they normally shop. Don't exclude certain branches of your shops as you could be losing out on potential sales.

Customise your offers and don't make them too general; you want your existing customers to feel valued. A targeted offer for something the customer is already interested in is the most effective way to make them buy more.

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