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Magento: The Greatest eCommerce Platform

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Magento is one of the world's most preferred e-commerce solutions, given that it has a loyal member community backing it up. It is proven with over 4 billion downloads overall since its inception in 2008 under its belt. Used by online merchants both large and small ones, Magento has therefore proven its worth in the website development business, as the online retail concept has flourished over the years. How did Magento achieve this amazing feat?

Magento offers three editions, and all are tailored to suit different needs. There are Magento Community; Go; and Enterprise editions.

Magento Community is the most common version of Magento offered. It is free for download and has most of the features that only paid downloads offer, thus it remains to be the most downloaded edition. The Community edition offers full customisation and it is perfectly essential for smaller online business entities.

Magento Go is best suited for small businesses, where users can have access to this edition's own features such as tailored features for small businesses and its customizable design. Additionally, users can have an unlimited number of products they can add and remove from their website whenever they please.  This particular edition specially appeals to mid-size businesses, where they aspire to function like a large business, only without their own technical resources to build and customize their e-commerce store.

Magento Enterprise is tailored exclusively for medium to large businesses such as Nike and Kipling. The support provided by qualified professionals from Magento actively touts the great use of this product, and they also help set up this particular edition of Magento. Dealing with heavy traffic every single day, Magento Enterprise is built to support it. Unlike the Community and Go editions, the Enterprise edition offers version exclusive full technical support from the Magento Support experts.  Some of their global clients include: Nike; Olympus; The North Face and Pentel.

Magento also released an m-commerce platform that enables the user to create new websites on mobile devices. But most importantly, Magento in all the editions leave everyone the control in designing their own website or home. It is also very user-friendly, where it appeals to most of its clients. Magento is the most easy to use e-commerce solution on the face of this earth, complete with a low cost maintenance.

In overall, Magento already has extensive features, and it does not really matter whether which edition is actually the best edition to adopt. This solution has already reached world-class status in the world of e-commerce.

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