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Sexually Attracting Women - What You Need to Do As a Man

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As a man, you kind of do have a specific role that you need to play in order to sexually attract women. Like it or not, that is the way that it is and you are not going to change that. No amount of political correctness is going to change the fact that there are certain behaviors that a man needs to display in order to get women sexually attracted to him. Mostly, this all happens on a subconscious level, so you can't even really count on a woman giving you pointers, because half of the time, she does not even know what it is that turns her on.

All she knows is that there are some guys that she seems to feel a LOT of sexual attraction towards on a natural level. That is the level that you need to be on. That is the level that is going to turn YOU from an average guy into a winner with women. That is the level that is going to make things seem to progress naturally in a way that makes it look like it just kind of happened that way.

Here are some tips on how to sexually attract women so that you can make a woman feel that way and what you need to do as a man to make sure she does:

1) She needs to see that you have a leadership side.

It's the way of the alpha. It is the reason why leaders in business, in politics, and many other aspects in life seem to have an easy time with women. Women respond to men that show that they have leadership skills. You don't need to have that job that makes you seem like a leader. You can just appear that way in how you interact with a woman and that should be good enough to trigger that sexual attraction that you want her to feel towards you.

2) You have to be able to entice her through your body language.

We all know that body language does matter. You can see it when a totally wimpy guy walks into a room and everyone already knows that he is certainly not a leader of men nor an alpha male in any way. And he hardly gets any attention from women, and definitely not any sexual attention. You want the sexual attention and to get that, you have to command it by displaying the right body language. It does not have to be so dominant, as much as it should convey a certain sexual energy that is appealing to women.
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