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Considering Web Hosting Start Up Cost

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There are many people out there who want to start an online business who have never had a website before.
They do not know if their new internet business will bring any money, or how much money it will bring in the beginning.
Therefore it's understandable that they are cautious about spending too much money in the beginning to start a web site.
It's important therefore to consider what are the start up costs involved with setting up a website, and which hosting company will offer the lowest cost.
Web hosting comes in basically to types, shared hosting and dedicated hosting.
Considering the start up cost of shared hosting Shared hosting has the lowest monthly cost of the two, including a lower monthly hosting charge which can go as low as two dollars per month for special first time promotions.
But this can be deceiving if you are thinking about start up cost, because you will probably not get that low price if you pay only for a few months.
That kind of low price is usually tied to a 2 or 3 year hosting plan.
So even though the monthly charges may be lower for shared hosting, you will usually end up paying more up front -- a minimum of at least $50 - $100 or more just to get started, including registering a domain name, not counting any additional fees some companies may charge, such as set up fees.
Considering the start up cost dedicated hosting The monthly charges of dedicated hosting are usually higher than those of shared hosting, ranging anywhere from about $8 per month to over $20 per month.
But the important caveat to consider is that usually you will not be expected to pay for a whole year or longer for such service.
The host will usually allow you to pay on a monthly basis as you go along.
Therefore the start up costs may end up being less for dedicated hosting than for shared hosting.
It will generally only cost you what you pay per months, which as said can be as low as $8/mo.
So for someone who is testing whether a web site will bring in some income, it may actually be less costly to begin with VPS dedicated hosting and pay on a month to month basis, than to choose shared hosting and have to pay for a whole year or two years in advance.
Having said that, note that some hosts may require yearly or at least a 6-month advance payment even for VPS hosting.
So it's important to shop around and compare the various hosts and their plans before committing to any one of them.
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