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Archery Sights - The Fixed Pin Sight

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After purchasing your bow, the next item on your list will probably be a sight.
There are a lot of different options available, one being the Fixed Pin Sight.

The Fixed Pin Sight is the most common and the more popular choice among Bowhunters.

A Fixed Pin Sight usually has 3 " 5 individual pins, and each pin can be set for a particular distance. The top pin for the closest distance and the bottom pin for the furthest distance. Once set they remain fixed in a particular position.

The set up and adjustments on a fixed pin are pretty simple, but at the same time
requires a little trial and error to get the perfect setting. For the archer who is willing to takes the time to set each pin just right will be rewarded with excellent results.

Most archers will set this type of sight at easy to remember distances like 5 or 10 yards.
and once set, shooting a particular distance is a piece of cake, ex: if your target is 30 yards you simply sight the bow by placing your pre set 30 yard pin on the intended target.

The challenging part comes when shooting an unknown distance, here you will need to estimate the distance to the target. There are many variables that come into play here,
uneven ground, an elevated position and dense foliage. It's not an easy skill to master,
but one every archer needs to know.

Lets say for instance your target is 35 yards away, your 30 yard pin will shoot to high
and your 40 yard pin will shoot to low. So the archer must learn to split the difference
and shoot somewhere between the pins, this is commonly known as gap shooting.

Some archers choose to take all the guess work out of it and simply add more pins,
by doing this, allows you to set your pins at various yardage increments.

So for example, in addition to the common settings of 20, 30, or 40 yards you can
set additional pins at 15, 25, and 35 yards.
The downside to this is, one, you have to remember all the presets when it comes time to shoot, and two, the more pins the more your target is obscured behind the pins.

And then there are those that prefer using just one pin, by setting one pin, at lets say
30 yards you must learn to compensate for the high and low that your arrow will shoot.

Fortunately, to add or remove pins from a fixed pin sight is quit easy, which gives the archer some room for experiment with different variations.

Whether you choose a $40 sight or a $100 sight, the fixed pin is an excellent choice for
bowhunters and target shooters.

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